Sunday, November 8, 2009 ;
8:02 AM
Both boys enjoy their twice weekly sessions at the pool. So when their coach is on a vacation in Msia and took a week off, I still brought them. But I realised how much work the coach has to put in when I myself bring them to the pool.

If I tried to do the same thing he does, that is. He coaches ds1 in something, makes him do it, and while ds1 is practising that, he coaches ds2. This goes on the whole 1 hour. I was totally exhausted after 15min, so I said, let's get out of the main pool (where the water is deeper and I cannot relax and just mind my own business) and go to the kiddy fun pool.

Thus we spent the rest of our time there in the smaller kiddy pools. I could just sit and spray my back and arms and shoulders with the jets of water, so relaxing, while they have a lot of fun screaming and laughing at the water slides, the water cannons and so on.

We also went to the SAFRA club one. It was my first time bringing the 2 of them alone and also the first time we even used the facilities. The pools were not more impressive than the Jurong West public pool. Although what wins would be the shower stalls and the heated water. It was lovely to have the nice warm jet sprays. Jurong West is very cold and if it happens to be a rainy cloudy day when I bring the boys, they will shiver and their little chins vibrate uncontrollably, very funny.

But they adapt quickly, and I think regular swimming is indeed good, cos after the first week of very purple lips and shivering bodies after getting out of the pool, they now seem to take the changes in temperature very well. Since this is monsoon season (Nov-Feb), there are thunderstorms everyday, and sometimes it is very cloudy and windy in the mornings, no sun at all, or even raining a few times when we got out of the pool (no lightning yet). I would be cold, but somehow they can cope with it now.

This is ds1 flashing a grin with a gap in his teeth, I still find it so adorable that I have to snap pics when I see him.

They haven't completed a month of swim lessons yet, but they're already very proud of themselves. They haven't learnt a proper stroke yet but if you ask them, they'll say "I can swim already!". *roll eyes*

But yes, they do learn much faster if it is done 2x a week. They don't forget what they've been taught and I think at the start, having personalised coaching is beneficial. They love their coach to bits and they look forward to every single lesson. There seems to be no reluctance whatsoever on their part, when the coach asks them to try new things.

ds2 is more timid and when the coach asked them to hold their swim boards, stand at the edge of the pool, and jump right into the pool, he would hesitate. But they trust the coach so much that they'd do it. ds1 just jumps, he doesn't hesitate. I wondered if ds2 would, but yes, he did in the end.

Later both will tell me what stories their coach tells them. I like it that he talks to them at their level and always makes everything he teaches them very interesting. He also is very encouraging and motivating, so they will listen to him.

That's the 2 of them. It was going to rain them, so the sky was grey. Otherwise it would be a clearer picture.

So far, the coach has used Transformers, Boat needing fuel, and various other stories to make them do what he wants. He told me ds1 should be able to swim by Dec (less than 2 mth's time??). We shall see. ds2 is still in the "play play" stage but at least he loves the water and enjoys holding his breath and going underwater.

In the changing room, the 2 of them do try my patience. I have to get them to shower and clean up via proxy instructions cos I am fully clothed, and do not get into the shower stall with them. They like to fool around or take their time, and most times they don't follow my instructions very well. So this is my least favourite part of the swim sessions.

Eg. I have to keep shouting "Rinse off the shampoo! There's still shampoo on your hair!"
"no! Not the back of your head! The front part!"
"Argh! No, not that part, put your whole face into the water, that would get the shampoo off!!!"
"No no no!!! The shampoo suds are still there! ARRRRRGGH!!!"
"T!! Rinse for J!"
"J! Stop singing, start soaping!"
"YOu have to use your hands to spread the shower foam around your body, not just let the water wash it away!!!!"
"Ok, you are done! Come out!!!"

Shout shout shout...
I am glad it's always a weekday morning and usually there is no one else in the changing room.

Sometimes I wonder if I should go and swim also, like at the SAFRA club, but then I don't like bringing an even heavier bag (cos I also needed a change of clothes, towel and stuff) and I don't like squeezing with them into one cubicle.

Normally when they are swimming, I like to daydream and watch others around the pool and look at the lifeguards and wonder why they gossip all the time, and what are they talking abt.

Swim sessions means checking on renovation progress too.

Now this is how the kitchen looks like. It was in ruins 2 weeks ago. Progress, to me, seems slow but my ID and contractor says it is on schedule. Maybe we're just too excited.

Bathroom progress. Tiles are up. What comes next? Cabinetry?

We can't wait to move back!!

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