Friday, November 13, 2009 ;
11:02 PM
ds1 still says "I love you, mom" once in a while. He may still hug me or give me a kiss when he wakes up in the morning and before he sleeps at night. But it's getting less in frequency now, and not so spontaneous.

ds2, being younger, is still very much spontaneous, and huggy. He has to look for me and hug me and kiss me and touch my nose (his quirk) whenever he wakes up, from a nap or in the morning. And he can't fall asleep very well at night if he doesn't have me to snuggle up to.

He will also profess his utmost admiration and undying love for me several times a day, sometimes at very unexpected moments too.

Well, he is still in his very uncontrolled-emotions state, I think. Because he will likewise shout angrily if I discipline him in an abrupt manner (eg turn off the TV when he wants to watch or is watching halfway). He usually shouts stuff like he hates living here and wants to fly to Tianjin alone, without me, without his dad, without his brother. Stuff like that, and stuff like buying his own house, driving his own car and basically not having us in the picture. Or that he is 10 years old now or an adult now and he doesn't need to listen to me anymore. blah blah blah.

Anyway, I caught him in a great mood, and he was drawing and writing all over post-it notes that he was given at the Asian Civilisations Museum. And he stuck it all over the study room at my in laws' place. It was so sweet.

One of the notes had heart shapes and "I love you, mummy". Small doodles of me and him doing something, I can't tell what it is. Either holding hands or playing some game.

There are all his "love notes".

He didn't forget his brother too. They do have a very fluctuating love-hate relationship. :-)

And he didn't forget himself. He wrote "i love me to" but he meant "too" of course.

He hadn't gotten down to writing any for his dad then. I hope he didn't forget because daddy is seldom at home nowadays. I need to remind them more often that daddy is busy working so they have food to eat. Otherwise they forget to "love" their daddy.

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