Tuesday, November 24, 2009 ;
5:39 PM
12 Nov

We went for a playdate at Jess' house in the afternoon. It was great catching up again. My boys didn't immediately warm up and played between the 2 of them initially, while Jess' 2 boys and another girl played together.

After eating some yummy snacks (crepe made by Jess, some Lana carrot cake, muffins by Juzer), they started playing together a bit.

The boys remembered Juzer's trampoline, funnily enough, from a year ago. The last time we had a playdate was a year ago, and they must have had lots of fun with the trampoline, to have such a deep impression of it.

I enjoyed chatting and catching up with Jess and a new friend. Jess knew her cos her dd was Juzer's classmate. The kids were all so adorable. They grow up so fast. When we meet about once a year, we can see the difference indeed.

13 Nov

Swimmy, Frederick and Inch by Inch are stories beautifully told and illustrated by Leo Lionni. He's a good friend and contemporary as Eric Carle and their works are influenced by each other, or rather, Eric Carle says he was inspired by Leo.

Anyway, Act 3 brought in this play. I saw the advert on Act3's website and thought it was very interesting cos the 3 different stories used different puppetry styles, and I wanted to expose the kids to various forms.

So I got tickets for 4 of us for the 10am session on that day. Dh and the boys before the play.

16 Nov

Lunch at Ikea with my boys and Mag.

It was wonderful meeting up with M again. Just the 2 of us. Great for chatting. The boys were, of course, in the playroom.

Then we all walked around Ikea a bit. I always buy something so I can have free parking. So that day I bought the lint remover refills and a roll of gift wrap. So lame huh, everytime. I think I would start buying more substantial things again only when the apt is ready, and I can start thinking about cutlery and dishes for entertaining etc.

We're pretty sure we want to open up our house regularly to friends. Nothing fancy of course, just regular gatherings, let the kids play, the adults can have games nights... Potlucks, whatever.

17 Nov

Notice this week is fully packed. My in laws took a tour to China and having the liberty to go out as I wish and plan the whole day myself without needing to return for meals, I naturally arranged to meet up with as many friends as possible.

So off to Punggol we went. Usually I don't get to visit my dear friends who live too "far" from the western part of Singapore. Of course, in the USA or in China, this distance is nothing. How can anywhere in Singapore be far from each other....

But anyway, we spent almost the whole day there. We went for a lovely homecooked lunch prepared by Angeling. Then the kids played and played while we chatted and chatted.

Then we made the kids nap, and we prepared food for a picnic.

When the kids woke from their nap, we loaded the car and headed for Punggol beach for our picnic dinner. The trip didn't last too long because a drizzle of rain started, but at least the kids managed to play with sand and got a dip in the sea.

Both boys are rather wild at the beach. They would've swam in the sea if they could, I think. But I wasn't prepared for that because the water at Punggol point isn't really that clean, I think.... And I didn't bring extra clothes for them. We'd just wanted to let them play with sand, pick seashells, and talk.

The kids playing. Usually it is ds1 and dd1 of Angeling's who play together. A's dd2 and my ds2 play by themselves. It's the age difference, I think. A's dd2 is in the foreground with her own sand creation.

And this is ds2's. He was very proud of the "gigantic" hole he dug. He really was pleased to have me take a pic of his wonderful effort. It's so funny to see him mighty pleased with his hole and the mountain of sand.

The kids then had swimming on Wed and Fri, and then the Camden trip and movie treat on Thurs. On Sat, there was the P1 Orientation.

23-26 Nov

It would be a hectic week too. Will elaborate in another post on the Act 3 drama workshop.

But on 23rd, Mon night, we had a lovely dinner with Philip and YY. It was a farewell treat from us to Philip. But after the dinner at Jack's Place, we adjourned to Bakerzin (Jurong Point's) for dessert as well and he paid for our desserts.

Everyone had steak at JP, but for desserts, we had a wide spread. I had the profiteroles with the kids. Dh had a very rich choc cake. P Van Winkle had his creme brulee and YY had apple pie.

It was the conversation and discussion that was very engaging and entertaining. We had laughs, we had very serious discussion on church stuff and so on. The kids kept trying to ask him riddles and tell him jokes.

We would be sad to see PVW leave. But thankfully he will return in a year's time for the Bible lectureship in Dec 2010.

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