Monday, November 9, 2009 ;
8:16 AM
6 Nov
Fri 7.30pm

Elias' full month celebration

Brought satay and durian to my sis' house that day. She asked me to get satay cos the satay from the Bt Timah FC near Pei Hwa is nice. We bought durian only because we happened to see a stall there and felt like having some ourselves.

Good thing we bought the durian cos everyone seemed to like it. My mom did, and we saw VJ's mom take durian first, even before she ate any other food. All of VJ's side ate durian too.

My sis said she catered food. I was looking forward to a big spread. You know the word "cater" conjures up a lot of food in my mind. Aiyah, her idea of cater means order pizza delivery.

But like she said, the fellowship is more impt than the food. We did have fun. (Although I like fun and good food even more when combined, hee hee).

Here's the "birthday boy". ds2 is warming up to him, it seems! He kissed Elias many times that day.

ds1's turn. Elias has a tuft of hair standing up on his head. It was the same with Eva 2 yrs ago. They share this in common for sure! Apart from that, I think Elias doesn't look much like Eva.

Oh ya, do you know why the durian was so yummy? We found this inside!
Ewww, yes disgusting.... But if you find a worm inside, it's bound to be good. We checked the rest of the seeds in that fruit and they were all good. We made both boys try to open the durian also (must train them). They did think it was fun (the opening of durian) but they still don't like to eat it.

Both sets of grandparents with the family.

Then the whole group. I put my cam on timer mode. Aiyah, I always end up sitting nearest the cam. Not a good idea. See, I end up looking so much bigger than everyone else, even my dad.

That aside, did you notice how VJ and his brothers all married very beautiful wives? His 2 sister-in-laws both looks like Bollywood actresses, very very pretty features and then both his nieces are also going to be beauties when they grow up too.

Funny how the sharp beautiful nose disappears when it comes to Eva and Elias. Fortunately they did inherit the big, double eyelided, long eye-lashed eyes from VJ. Of course VJ did well by marrying my sis too. She's also such a beauty, inside and out. (except for the food "catered" that day) hee hee

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