Saturday, November 14, 2009 ;
12:25 AM
My sis did another full month celebration in church on Sunday, and then on Tues (actual 10 Nov), she gave out red eggs and cakes again.

So anyway, we got to see Elias a couple more times. ds1 and ds2 both carried him on their laps.

On Tuesday (10 Nov), the kids and I visited the zoo again. The weather was good till the afternoon when it rained. But the kids really wanted to feed the Giant rabbits, the guinea pigs and goats at the Kidzworld section (1.30pm), and then they wanted to feed the Hamadryas Baboons (2.30pm). So we braved the rain till they were done with both feedings.

The rabbit and guinea pig were supposed to be petted, but due to the sheer numbers of kids who were there (not sure why so many were there on a weekday morning when it is not the school hols yet), the rabbits and g.p.s stayed in their coops and only the taller kids manage to be able to reach and touch the animals.

The zookeeper had a bag of carrots and french beans to feed the animals, and he was a young obliging chap. I don't know what were the instructions given to him, but each time a child asked to have a piece of veggie to feed the animal, he looked as if he couldn't really give them more than one, but then when a child asks for more repeatedly, he still gave out to them with a pained look on his face.

Taking in the shouts and cries of many kids asking for veggies, and fighting for space to feed a few limited animals that happen to be near the edge of the coop in contact with the kids (the rest were not interested, sleeping or far away from the edge) I asked both boys to leave after feeding one stick to the rabbit and one stick to the g.p. each. Both boys asked for their veggies themselves, taking their cue from the other kids. They too, spoke up very loudly, asking for a french bean or carrot.

ds2 got his french bean taken away by an over-enthusiastic girl beside him who wanted to feed the rabbit many times (she was screaming away at the zookeeper to give her more, more, more!). I was afar, observing ds2, to see if he might hit back (then I need to stop him), because he and his brother tend to retaliate with each other that way.

He seems to know with others, he cannot be as rough as with his brother. He did stand up for himself though, in a way I felt was alright. He spoke in a loud voice, "Hey! That's mine!" and took it back from her. She was taken aback but did not pursue the matter. She turned towards the zookeeper and starting shouting for more again. I was glad ds2 managed to settle it himself in a non-crying, non-violent manner.

This is a pic of the lone rabbit who would let the kids feed him. There was a whole crowd of kids behind, clamouring for more veggies.

There were so many baboons. This is really an interesting arena because you can observe many different behaviours at the same time. Some were grooming, some were mating, some feeding, fighting, playing, nursing, feeding...

See the tiny infant nursing from the mom? We learnt that infants are born with black hair then the hair slowly changes colour when it matures into an adult.

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