Monday, October 26, 2009 ;
10:29 PM
We've moved out of our apartment to my in laws' place. My parents have moved to their new rental flat as well. The renovation work on our apartment thus started.

It was such a hectic past week. We were moving and packing with my parents from Mon-Thurs. Thurs was the start of the hacking for our apartment. So it was very rushed for us indeed. My dad had way too much stuff. That happens when you are a teacher, I think.

He has so many books we had not enough boxes to contain all of them. We dumped so many into the bomb shelter, it is full to the brim such that if you open the door, you can only see a mountain and you cannot reach any thing at the back.

On Friday (2nd day of hacking), I brought the boys swimming, then we took a bus to Jurong Point and had lunch at Burger King (of course, the crown in the photo would have told you that). I was really curious as to the progress of the flat reno, so I dragged both boys over to have a look. Initially they were lazy and reluctant to leave Jurong Point (air con comfort and all) to walk to the apt.

But once we reached, and they saw all the debris, and the war zone the flat looked like, they were so excited, they wanted to try everything.

They loved the wheel barrow so much, I had to keep reminding them not to topple all the cement and tiles onto the ground and waste the workers' efforts.

For me, it was weird to see the kitchen so bare and so lifeless. The kids were thrilled though. Kept asking to step around, but it was so dusty. Then they wanted to help the workers to sweep and clear stuff. I had to stop them cos they were creating a cloud of dust. The kids were angry that I didn't let them see the actual "explosion". They thought there were blasts to cause all the tiles to fall dramatically to the ground.

What was the previous common bathroom/ toilet: so funny to have such a large doorway after the entire door was removed as well. The kids laughed at the uprooted WC/ toilet bowl.

The kids wanted to play with the drill, with all the tools... That's the master bedroom bathroom.

This is the only room that minor works would be done only, so we were told to place all our furniture and stuff into this room. I just opened the door to double check that everything was fine.

At the void deck of that block, I realised that all these junk was from my unit!!! It is so shocking to see our unwanted shelving, cabinetry and built-in wardrobe in pieces and heaped together. I felt a bit nostalgic for my parents. Some of these bookcases were with my dad for years and years but he has decided he didn't want them anymore, and neither did we. So... with each move, you always have to discard lots of things... Somehow, the kids enjoyed surveying the pile, so we stood there for a long time.

ds2 even loudly pointed out every single item, sometimes to my embarrassment because there are other people walking around the void deck, going to the lifts/ elevators and so on. He saw my dad's unwanted exercise equipment here, and the bathroom mat my mom used so my niece wouldn't slip on the wet floor... etc, and went "Grandpa's XXX!", "Waipo's YYY", "Why throw here??"

The workers kept going up and down to get more debris to fill up the dump truck carrier, and the kids discovered the fun of walking up and down the planks. Again, we had to linger for another 15min or so, just for them to pretend they were working very hard.

Now both boys will happily announce to anyone willing to hear, that they want to be construction workers in future. They want to specifically be those that demolish buildings and walls!

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