Friday, May 8, 2009 ;
8:54 AM
A lot of insects, flying objects and spiders are emerging, now that it's warmer. That is the only part of Spring I don't like.

This appeared in my pantry and then died by itself (thankfully, maybe of a heart attack from seeing me).

As in, a while earlier it was moving around the pantry floor and I kept an eye on it.
I was contemplating my options and continuing my housework when it stopped moving. When I went to check on it later, it was still in the same position, with the legs in the air. So I took a pic.

So I put some barricades around it to avoid stepping on it throughout the day. When ds were back from school, I showed it to them. Then when Dh was back, I asked him to please dispose of it, thank you very much.

It funny that I don't mind dissecting much larger mammals for Biology labs but I don't like to touch such insects.

Last week (4th-8th May) was very warm, so both ds wore shorts and tees to school and when they return, they want to ride their bikes at once.

Within the gated quadrangle, it is still pretty safe, so I do let them ride outside alone, especially since they ride for a long time and it is usually when I have to prepare dinner.

ds1 is trying to ride his bicycle with the windmill he received at N's party. He loves the way it spins wildly when he rides through the breeze.

On yet another day, H brought me to another wet market, further away from our estate. This one is much bigger and I saw a lot of live animals that I cannot imagine ever eating! But the fact that they sell so many of these must mean that there is demand. I wonder, how do you cook such a big octopus?? There were so many live ones... It's almost like an aquarium here.

On Mon, 4 May, Yur was due to fly home to Japan. I went to see her off and help with the luggage.. This time it will be even longer before we might even see each other again. She'll not be back in summer because summer in Tianjin is too hot for her. Then I'll be back in Singapore in winter.

It's tough to always have to say goodbye, yet we have to say it so many times in this community. That's her and Val leaving in a taxi. She packed 80kg worth of stuff so the entire boot and back seat was filled.

Final installment of the periodic misc updates, a hilarious clip of ds2 speaking in Chinese/ Mandarin. Not meant to ridicule him of course, but rather to chart his progress. And as a record.

I myself remember learning Chinese only in Kindergarten, when I was 5. Before that, I spoke only English at home with my parents, and English to my parents' friends, who are all from church. I learnt a few words to greet my grandparents before that, but not much.

However, after attending a SAP Sec school, my Chinese level improved a lot and I got my A1s in both Chinese and Higher Chinese for O levels. I didn't have any tuition or enrichment lessons of any sort, so I didn't worry about my kids.

Until I read about the standards and systems now in Singapore schools, but that is another story. Anyway, so I felt both my sons already had a headstart over me, having been exposed to a lot more of the language. Yet, a lot of people around me are very worried for my kids' Chinese standard, which of course rubs off on me.

Friends usually just tell me how difficult it is to learn Chinese so I cannot let them wait till Primary school to learn it. I must start them young. It's the relatives that are really bad. They will insinuate, hint, speak sarcastically or even test my kids non-stop on their Chinese proficiency.

If it's not up to their standard, they'll keep asking, "Why, Why, Why?"

Anyway, so from not knowing a single word when he was 2, and then only knowing how to greet his grandparents last year (3yo), till now 4yo, I think he has improved steadily.

We're still putting in effort so hopefully others can understand him soon! Right now, his accent is still really weird... and mostly just funny.

I won't say what story he is reading. If you can even understand any word from what he is reading, let me know! We'll be greatly encouraged.

(This story is one I had read to him umpteen times. He is reading it from the same book, and it has hanyu pinyin, so he doesn't really know how to read Chinese books yet. He does it mainly from memory and from guessing with the hanyu pinyin help.)

rainbows every day, do not worry for the morrow

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