Wednesday, May 20, 2009 ;
10:48 PM
Text update:

15 May School assembly:
ds2's class' turn to perform, together with PreK.
They sang the Jack-in-the-Box song, then the rhythm sticks song, and then a finale song and dance with PK.
Photos and videos on Facebook.

(Thanks to those who added me on Facebook recently to get the updates from there.)

16 May, Sat:
Went to play badminton again. This time, Jan, Hel, James, and Dh's coworker came. Dh's co-worker brought his gf as well.
Pictures on FB.

We had lunch at Yonghe DouJiang at The Exchange. It's a Taiwanese joint.

Then went for YK's bday party.

YK invited only boys! So ds1 had fun with all those boy games. Archery, running up and down stairs. They have a 3.5 storey house with huge basement. Imagine, the basement has a table tennis table but still ample space left for a huge couch, and lots of storage cabinets and tons of toys.

After that, I brought ds1 home to meet Dh and ds2 then set off to CF for art class.

Had dinner at home that night as there was a lot of food leftover at home!

17 May Sun:
Our church friends bought a lot of veggies and sauces and stuff and after worship, they wrapped dumplings, cooked some local dishes and we all had a great lunch together. Kind of to celebrate welcoming Jan into our family. And also to celebrate Hel's belated bday.

We also played board games together and watched Finding Nemo. Until ds1's marimba/ drum teacher arrived. It was a super anti-climax. Naturally ds1 didn't want to have class. But we had no choice cos his lesson was supposed to be on Sat, yet he had that bday party.

So he had lesson while the rest continued watching Finding Nemo. I think he did well to continue with his lesson without kicking up a fuss, so we closed our eyes when he didn't concentrate fully. (His teacher said.)

20 May Wed:
H went for a facial at a nearby place and found it good, so she signed up for a massage as well. It was for Wed. She showed me the pamphlet and asked if I wanted to try the facial. For 1.5hrs, it costs 80yuan (S$16). Sounded good.

H's face looked good, and nothing happened to her. However, everyone's skin is different and I am wary about what goes onto my face, so I googled the brand/ spa chain. Turned out it has chains in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, USA, besides China and Taiwan, and it originates from Taiwan.

Having done enough research, I told H I will follow her and she made an appointment for me as well.

So Wed morning, we went.. I was pleasantly surprised. The lady who did the facial for me is 22 years old, young slim and pretty. She was very gentle in manner and speech, never failing to explain each step of the facial to me and telling me all the ingredients of each material she placed on my face. Even for the type of facial massage, and the pressure on my acupoints, she will inform me what they are for too.

And best of all, she did not try to sell me any product, nor did she ask me to sign up for any package. Wonderful. She even told me to relax and try to sleep so as to make the most out of the session. According to her, relaxed muscles and skin meant better absorption of the magical potions she was applying onto my skin.

Besides a couple of different masks, and massage from the head, face, neck, arms and down the back, trimming of the brow, blah blah normal procedures of a facial, she also did some TCM-based pressing and pulling. It was rather painful, some of my acupoints, and she said that was cos I was unhealthy in that area. Yeah, right.

Nice. But I won't be signing up for more, because I can't spare the time. This was a real treat and I am glad I went for it. However, my in laws are coming for 2 weeks and then the kids end their school year. After they start their hols, I will commence my one year homeschooling project with them.

That also signals the end of my freedom to just go off for a facial, a haircut or even a leisurely shopping trip at the wet market. Yup, I'd be dragging them to every wet market session each week. Wish me all the best!

In the afternoon:
ds1 was at his playdate and ds2 and I joined much later. They got so many gifts from the host again. I told N she spoils the market. How come every playdate involved so many gifts and goodies? I seldom offer more than snacks and drinks when kids come to my house. Even I get to go home with 6 Taiwan bakchang (glutinous rice dumplings).

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