Wednesday, May 20, 2009 ;
8:25 AM
Thanks to so many of you. For leaving tags for me. For suggesting various things.

An ex-student, for suggesting Windows Live Writer. It was a great idea, to use that to blog. Unfortunately, I downloaded it and the first step required me to supply my blog address, and The Writer needed to connect to my blog for me to get started. And that step failed cos my blog address is a blocked one.

Then Sammi helped in experimenting. Indeed, YouTube no access. Youku no problem. Of course, any Chinese site is fine. Only the US ones.

Facebook, still on and off possible. Last night there was a connection problem. Every site was inaccessible. Google Search, Facebook, Gmail.... But this morning, Facebook is still fine.

I know the easiest solution is to change my blog to a site hosted by Chinese hosts. Then I'd definitely not face any problems. Like my neighbour has 2 blogs cos she had experienced Blogger failure before. And she has a Chinese Yahoo blog. That one has no problem now, and works amazingly well.

However, for me, I don't like to start something halfway and shift. I love my current blog address. And I don't like to change because I am forced to.

So for the time being (and I hope it is temporary!), I will just post updates in text, and try to be as creative as possible. Cos I cannot upload pics and videos. Will do so on Facebook in the meantime.

Thanks for hanging in here together with me during this difficult period!

rainbows every day, do not worry for the morrow

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