Tuesday, May 5, 2009 ;
11:04 PM
A walk to the nearby emart and McDonalds revealed a long row of trees in their full glory.

I know I have posted many many times on the amount of sand each boy brings home EVERY day. But that day last week was another record-breaking moment. This time, because the weather is warmer, the boys perspire a lot while playing in the playground.

As usual when they bury themselves in the sand or do a lot of sand flinging, the sand flies everywhere and gets lodged in their scalp. Usually, I do a vigorous sweep of their hair when they get home and the sand just falls off by the loads.

But now, the sand refuses to part from their sticky sweaty scalp!! I used a brush, comb and vigorously, meticulously scrubbed their heads. No use.

In the end, only a shower can get all the sand off. Here is a close up pic of the stubborn sand. (hmm, when such a close up pic is taken, it looks as if ds2's hair is thinning huh??)

Ayi's dish of the week: French beans with potato.
Dh is getting good at guessing which dishes on the dinner table are prepared by ayi. That evening, when he sat down to dinner and sampled all the dishes, he at once said, this bean dish was cooked by ayi, right?
How does he know? He says seems like her style is always "lots of garlic, more garlic and more sesame oil". Haha, it's true. She really loves garlic and sesame oil. Very liberal with them.

But I like the taste, it's very yummy.

rainbows every day, do not worry for the morrow

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