Monday, May 18, 2009 ;
2:17 PM
Very very sad, frustrated, exasperated...

I have a long bookmark list in Utah. Organised and grouped very neatly.
I have friends using LiveJournal, Wordpress, Multiply for their blogs and I have these blogs all in my bookmark list.

Last year in Aug (2008), I stopped having access to all these dear friends' blogs. Thankfully, I could still use my own blog and access Blogger blogs.

I also have long lists of YouTube videos, all bookmarked. They are grouped according to the kids' faves, my own faves and Dh's faves. And within each group are sub-categories of music, art, nursery rhymes in different lang... etc.

There are some clips both boys will watch EVERY day.

There are orchestras Dh watch all the time. There are songs I often need to listen to and watch to make my day happy.
There are nostalgic clips of home, of my schools in the past, of students, of long-time friends that I watch.
Then there are hilarious ones friends send to me.

Suddenly, about a few months ago, no one could access any YouTube clip. Not Dh, not my kids, not me. We were very sad, but somehow, we still made do with our DVDs, our own cameras, and Facebook.

Now, since last week, I cannot access my blog nor any other blogspot blogs.
Even my Google reader and Google calendar had problems loading quickly.

I have to access them using proxy sites (thanks Kim) but it is so troublesome, and with proxy sites, a lot of unwanted ads pop out all the time.

Now, I have very little motivation to blog because the interface is also different when I use proxy sites. I cannot upload my stuff stably as well. And I cannot view videos on friends' blogs (Danielle's, Sammi's, I tried, but can't play anything. No slideshows either.).

Everyone here is affected. We are praying it is temporary. If not, this reason alone is enough for me to pack up and bring the kids home. really...

Because what next?

No more Facebook, and then no more Google Search?

No more Straits Times online?

rainbows every day, do not worry for the morrow

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