Friday, May 8, 2009 ;
9:23 AM
5 May
Nursery Picnic

The kids have a chart in school. If I am not wrong, it is a behavioural one. If they get the thing done well, they get stars. It is a class effort and if they get a combined total exceeding the target goal, they get a picnic.

I arrived in school to see ds2 having a great time with his friends! Here are his best friends in Nursery. His teacher took the photo for me.

The spread. Wow, there was too much food, enough for 2 meals! Every mom brought something. I baked snickerdoodle cookies.

The kids having a lovely picnic with their fav stuffed toys too. ds2 brought his bear.

ds2 fooling around with his friends. This friend with him just arrived from Australia in April. But somehow they clicked at once. His mom was there too and I met her for the 1st time. She was eager for me to point ds2 out to her, because her son mentions him at home all the time too. And she's so happy for him to have a close friend so soon after joining Nursery. She's Australian too, but her hubby is Sporean.

She's invited us to her house this week for a playdate. And I get to meet with Kim and her family too because they all live in the same compound behind the Sheraton. ds1 will go as well cos his good friend Jade lives there as well! Too many families from school live there. It's a lovely place and next to the only International clinic in Tianjin, which is really convenient.

Then Isai was giving big hugs to ds2 and they fell down after the hug! Too funny.

Good to see him enjoying himself so much. They chatter a lot, and I can't understand a lot of it! But they go on and on non-stop! I really wonder what they are discussing!

Their classroom just got rearranged and they acquired new furniture. Looks even better than before, and they have one more room for the 28 N kids now - more spacious.

The reading and puzzle corner.

The dance and music area.

After the picnic, they had outdoor play time. ds1 doesn't know that his brother plays all day and doesn't have sit-down work like him, haha.

ds2 also showed me the plant he planted.

And he proudly showed off his class pet.

Then he went off to play with his friends again, largely unaware of my presence thereafter.

A final clip of the kids playing. The boys and girls are together in a group. But notice at this age, they play their own game. And I observed how the girl play is so different from the boy play. .

Girl play has a lot more conversation, yah? They even have a pretend bday party and included a bday song.

Boys just enjoy having some action game together. Even when ds2 was handing some sand over to Jor, they don't talk. His European friend with the tractor or whatever just keeps repeating a "toot-toot" sound. Talking is unnecessary.

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