Wednesday, May 6, 2009 ;
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30 Apr

The younger ones (N to Grade 2) have some sports events that morning. Parents are invited to support the kids and then have a picnic lunch together.

Since Dh was volunteering at the N class that morning, he would be representing us for the sports as well. So I needn't go! I was really busy that week, with events happening everyday of the week. 2 birthdays, a tea, May Day holiday, Sat fellowship with church friends, and then party on Sun.

These are pics and videos Dh took with his phone, so the quality may not be so good.

ds2 setting off for the sports events, happy with his group of friends. The kids are grouped into 4 "houses" or groups. 4 different animals, can't remember all of them, with 4 corresponding colours. Kids have to dress in their group colours.

Siblings and families will definitely belong to the same group, so both ds1 and ds2 are in the same yellow group. There's ds2 in his yellow tee. His good friends, from left, Ar (Fiji-Indian), Jo (Aussie-Chinese), him and Isa (American-Chinese).

ds2 running his race. I think this should be the 50m dash. He got off to a good start then ended up near the last. It's hilarious to watch.

The N kids did not join all the events. Some are beyond them, like high jump, long jump and the longer 400m races. So they played parachute games after their events were over. This is just the N kids. The PK kids (one year older) took part in more events.

ds1 and his yellow/ gold group doing the egg race.

Then there was a long, slow-paced clip on the 200m and 400m races. ds1 was visibly tired in the longer race. And I can hear Dh shouting words of encouragement to him. hee.

This clip below shows the long jump, although most of the kindy kids jumped their own way, usually landing on their bums or all-fours. hee... ds1 happened to be jumping after a long-legged girl, AR, who also runs very fast.

Passing-the-ball relay race.

I packed fried rice, mango pudding, drinks for Dh and the boys. They had a good picnic.

In the morning, Dh had played his violin for the N kids. He was supposed to do a demo.
He also brought the small violin for the kids to try.

And then he wrote a Spiderman song set to the Indiana Jones song's tune. It was a big hit.
The kids enjoyed themselves very much, and he certainly wowed the teachers and TAs, cos after that, when they met me, they were all praises... The TA even said she almost cried when she heard the sad song.

(What Dh did was to show that the violin is versatile and can play many different sounds and genres of music, can depict different moods. So he did quick and catchy tunes, romantic, nursery rhymes and a sad song.)

The TA then kept saying she really admired his skills (she herself is learning the cello) and he is really so good. In fact, he is a model father and husband because not only can he play the violin so well, he can teach the kids so well too (hmm, he is a trained teacher, right?).

It was still all going very well, so I was smiling and nodding my head. Then she went on to gush about his manner and style of playing, which was very charming. She said, "ohhhh, 我好喜欢他哦!" (awww, I like him so much!)

When I stopped smiling, she at once rejoined, "oh no! 不是那种喜欢啦,你知道我的意思吗?就是另外一种喜欢。崇拜那种。。。" (not that kind of "like" but, you know, just pure admiration?)

Hmm, ok... I got it.

Finally she said she wished he could return for more sessions.. (the kids would really benefit a lot from that).

My friend, also new to Tianjin, had a similar experience recently too. Her account is more hilarious. I was laughing the whole time I read her post.

The TA is a wonderful person. She is very patient and full of love for the kids. ds2 often tells me how nice and caring she is towards him. I like her a lot... she is very open and straightforward though, huh? :-)

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