Friday, May 8, 2009 ;
8:40 AM
3 May

After worship service in the morning, we headed to N's house. She invited us and many other families for a party.

The moment we arrived, the kids were given stickers and a fighting fish each.

Then it was just mingle, eat, drink and play games. This is a pic of some of us ladies. Ok, I know, I am the most unglam. I am also the only one without cool shades (think Victoria Beckham), and then I am the only one without a photogenic pose. The list goes on... Not difficult to pick the odd one out huh?

In fact, when we got the invitation, Dh asked why do we always get invited. It seems we always don't fit into the crowd very much.
(Anyway, of course I seized the chance to tell him, either I am very friendly and able to hold easy conversations with anyone, or it would be because the kids are so fun to have in a party. I don't believe that myself, but I just had to say it. :-))

Dh was called upon to help coordinate a "hide-and-seek" game. (Maybe that's why we get invited.)

And then little Val was so adorable. Naturally, ds1 was attracted to her like a magnet. He took very good care of her indeed.

Eating time. We chose to eat in air-conditioned comfort inside the house. I left Dh with the kids while I had a good time lunching with Yur and the rest. Dh is a very valuable asset at family parties indeed. I can easily leave all the kids with him, and apparently everyone thinks so too, haha.

Then the kids were given water guns and N incited them to have a gender war. She said the girls need to shoot down as many boys and the boys have to get rid of as many girls. And they took her so seriously! Man, you should see how ds1 targeted all the girls with a vengeance.

But they did have a lot of fun. I was standing in safety cos I got shot so many times when I joined in the fun. So you can only see the running figures of both ds in the background. The foreground shows the refuelling station. :-)

ds2 doesn't like his clothes wet while ds1 doesn't mind having soaking hair, clothes and feet. So ds2 bugged me to bring him home, and I sent Dh and him home first. Ds1 still wanted to play so I stayed back with him.

At the end of the party, ds1 got 2 windmills. Very colourful indeed. And yet another fighting fish (Betta splendens). I am not so opposed to rearing fish (at their age) so I agreed but I reminded him of the responsibilities that come with having pets.

The kids received goody bags hanging from the trees too (N can really plan parties very well). In the bag was some candy and this dino egg.

We followed the instructions to soak it in normal temp water for 24-48hrs.

These pics show the progression in the hatching. I like this egg cos it makes the kids develop more patience. The kids expected the egg to hatch 5min after we put it into the water. I was so glad to have them wait for 2 days.

"Delayed gratification" is a concept new to a lot of kids, and I hope to inculcate it in my kids!

After about 10hrs.

After 2 days (48hrs). ds2 threw the cracked egg shell away before I could take a pic. Sigh.

And the interesting thing for them is, after taking the dino out of the water and playing with it for a few days, it steadily shrunk. haha.

I didn't explain it to them. Sometimes, I just let them wonder and be puzzled. And I say "wow, magic!" Just sometimes...

rainbows every day, do not worry for the morrow

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