Monday, May 4, 2009 ;
5:13 PM
22 Apr: Wed Bible class - role of Men and Women in the church.

25 Apr Sat afternoon (2.5 hrs): Sat extra studies on the New Testament Church.

26 Apr, Sunday: Walking with God.

These are the series of lessons my dad shared with our friends.

All of them said they were greatly encouraged, edified and motivated. I am so glad my parents could be here.

I have been studying for a while with a visitor, J, and on Sunday, my mom spoke with her while I sat in and listened. After that, J said she felt as if she suddenly had a lot of doubts cleared and had a much better understanding of everything. I have since done one more session with her, and we are very near now, very very close... We have gone through the 5 steps already, she says, when she is ready, she will tell me. Please pray for her!

My dad had not been feeling well too, but I admire his resilience. Dh offered to help him deliver his sermon outline, because he was still shivering the night before, but somehow my dad got the strength to go through everything he had prepared and very clearly too. I guess that's why, over the years, so many people tell me they respect him a lot, because he has always faithfully plodded on, without complaints, without shirking any duties.

Group pic on Sat.

My mom singing hymns together with the boys. During the Wed night class, and the Sat afternoon class, the boys were sleeping. This was a separate occasion.

Sunday morning. Both ds have grown very close to our friends. But ds2 is especially the physical one. ds1 may ask to play with them, talk to them about all kinds of things, but ds2 is the one who will go and sit beside them, hold their hands, or hug them. Yet, he doesn't talk much. I guess both of them display their affection in very different ways.

This pic shows ds2 suddenly going over to the girls, leaning against them and holding one of their hands. haha. He then sat there for the rest of the worship service.

Lesson time.

Right after worship, my parents had a quick bite and last minute packing, then they left, at 12.30pm, for the airport.

rainbows every day, do not worry for the morrow

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