Monday, May 4, 2009 ;
4:34 PM
22 Apr

H brought us to emart and wet market, then my dad decided to treat all of us to lunch at the Korean restaurant Han Luo Yuan.

We picked ds2 up at the bus stop first, then went for a sumptuous lunch.

H ordered this stone fried rice, and we all tried some. Yummy.

Then we ordered a whole host of other stuff for my parents to try. Everything was delicious, from the spicy beef and potato appetizer to the BBQed meats to the Korean pancake.

The other meal we had with another neighbour was at N's house. She so kindly invited our whole family over when she heard my parents are here. Actually, Z also invited my parents to her place but it's further away and my parents didn't have much time left. H made a lot of treats for my parents and us to enjoy too.

N's ayi cooked a lot of dishes, including Tianjin's local cuisine, involving some cold dishes and vegetables, then a lot of very very delicious jiaozi.

Even after we were so stuffed, N brought out a lot of Taiwanese desserts. Oh, the Taiyang Bing with organic whole milk was sooooo good. I still cannot forget the creamy, sweet taste. And the premium pineapple tarts... The packaging is so beautiful. And fried nian gao...

Then we took this group pic. The kids were happily playing with each other upstairs (my sons with Matt), so they are not in the pic.

Seems like ds1 and Matt are great friends now. They are over the "fighting" incidents already?!? With kids, I never know...

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