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19 Apr

We took a cab to the hotel where the Beijing COC meets. They have Bible class at 9.30am.

After singing hymns (the kids sang very well, I think they miss singing hymns in English, haha), I brought them out for our own Bible class, while the adults remained in the conference room.

We sang some Sunday school songs then I asked them what they would like to learn this session. Since I just have the Bible in one hand and a piece of paper in the other (no prepared teaching aids), they can choose anything they want.

They settled on Moses being called by God to lead the people out of Egypt. So I told them the story, with the 10 plagues, till the crossing of the Red Sea. When it came to certain verses in Exodus that I felt they could read, I got them to read them out.

Then I wrote down from 1-10, the plagues. Asked them to draw the picture to resemble the plague, taking turns for each number, then got them to memorise them in order, using the pictures to help them remember.

Then we played a short game to make them remember and recite the plagues by heart.

The timing was just nice, when Dh came out to inform us that worship service was starting. We were just about done. No break here, I guess, with so few members. Was worried the kids would be hungry since I usually let them eat something during the break between Bible class and worship.

Fortunately they were so keen to participate in the first English service they had since a long long time (5months) ago that they sang very loudly and then read the Bible during worship service. When they got bored with that, they did quiet drawing/ scribbling on some paper. And then service was over.

This is Dh leading the hymns.

Showing the other part of the 11 people meeting there that Sunday. The new friend we met is a medical student here on an exchange program.

A group picture. After that, we walked to a nearby Brazillian grill buffet restaurant. Buffet is always good for the kids. They love it cos they can pick whatever they want to eat, and naturally, the desserts formed a huge percentage of their meal.

Since it was a social gathering, we closed an eye and used the time to talk and chat with the other members.

After lunch, we took a cab back to the hotel. This time our cab driver made a wrong turn and Dh and I had to walk a really long distance back, because the cabbie went onto this huge highway with no chance of turning back.

It was fortunate the kids wanted to return in the same cab as their grandparents, and their cabbie found the right way back. So Dh and I ended up having a good workout together.

After a good rest, we made our way to The Place Mall (世贸天阶)for dinner. We were spoilt for choice, there were so many restaurants. We chose one Thai restaurant in the basement in the end. It was good familiar food.

After that, we grabbed some fruits from the supermarket and browsed the shops. Then we admired the largest LCD screen in the world (?) for a while. They had a show/ event going on as well and Dh watched them for a while.

The scenes I liked best were those underwater ones, where there are clown fish, anemone, coral reef, sharks, sting rays... swimming about. It was magical and beautiful, like you are in the ocean with the creatures yourself. I wanted to film that, but guess what, when I waited patiently for it to appear again, this woman approached me to ask for spare change, just when I wanted to film!

She gave me a sob story on how hungry she is, having not had food for a whole day, so please can I give her some money for food. I had 3 boxes of very good Thai food on me, actually, cos we asked for "to-go/takeaway" at the restaurant earlier. There was pineapple rice, chicken meat and veggie in my bag.

I said sorry, no spare change, but I can give this food to you, go, hurry and eat the food while it's still hot. You know what she said?!?! She turned up her nose at the food, and then said its too little. She is so hungry that she needs much more food than that, so I should just give her some money.

I looked at her closely. She had nice long permed hair. Hey, perming needs money ya? Her top looks really good. No tears, looked really new. Her shoes, her pants all looked pretty. Her bag, wow, looked cleaner than mine. Why should I give her money??

I told her firmly, you said you are very very hungry, here is the food. I have done my part.

Then we left. Sigh, so I don't have a video clip of the underwater world!!

This is a clip of the kids dancing to the music. They really are having a great time!

Their dancing reminds me of Mary posting a clip of Ch dancing in a store before too. It's not even dancing I guess, it's a mixture of kungfu moves with breakdancing? Hilarious.

A clip of the gigantic screen that stretches all across the whole length of the mall.

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