Tuesday, April 14, 2009 ;
6:50 PM
After waiting for an hour, we got impatient and I paid for myself and brought ds2 into Tenryuji as well. I didn't regret it! It was sooooo beautiful!

I walked around with ds2 for about half an hour and still can't find Dh and ds1, so we went out and checked the earlier waiting place. They were still not there. We then walked around some more then went out to wait. They emerged wet with perspiration and Dh was very apologetic (because he thought we had been waiting outside for almost 2hrs, haha).

Later I did tell him we went in for a walk, but for a while, I did let him feel bad. :-)

He said they walked around searching for a toilet, then went the wrong way and someone asked him to pay 500yen and he did. Only to find that he just paid for a tea ceremony and sweets sampling with the Maiko.

So he and ds1 sat down and drank tea and ate cherry blossom desserts with Maikos and chatted with old Japanese ladies.

Then only he got the toilet for ds1 and then they tried to find their way out. After they exited, he realised it was the wrong exit. So they then tried looking for the north entrance for a loooooong time.

I wasn't worried about being alone with ds2 because I had money on me. I wondered if I would've panicked if I didn't have money and was stuck with ds2 without being able to find Dh! Anyway it was good we had a fixed meeting point, otherwise it would not have been a good outing if we got really lost and had to return to the ryokan to meet up again.

These are pics Dh took with ds1. And separate ones of ds2 when I and him were walking around.

The temple has a long history and is one of the oldest. Very intricate design details, very beautiful gardens.

I am glad to see ds1 is starting to like to pose for photos! Maybe one day I can finally have a family studio portrait! :-)

Instead of the red carpet, they have the tatami-mat. Nice.

Lovely pond with fishes.

Other ladies wearing the kimono. Lovely.

That's ds2 looking at the fishies.

Oh yes, forgot to mention there are many different varieties of cherry trees and this place is famous for the weeping cherries. The branches bend and sweep downwards like weeping willows.

Other flowers in brilliant hues.

ds1 with a row of sakura.

I had always wanted to have a picture with the geisha/ geiko or maiko! Ds1 doesn't know how fortunate he is! For 500yen, Dh got a great deal because he entered with ds1 and got double portions of Jap sweets and got to take pic with the maiko!

Dh said ds1 was not served with the cherry blossom dessert initially but the old Japanese lady who was talking to him liked him so much that she asked the maiko for extra servings for ds1!

Why wasn't I there?!? ds2 could've charmed them to give him more too. Then I can sample more. According to ds1 it was super yummy! I gave Dh a earful for this, saying next time, we must go everywhere together, as a family.

For 500 yen (US$5), it was definitely worth it. We saw the dessert sold outside later on, and it was retailing for 690 yen for a small box.

Weird pose huh? He was imitating the expression of the carved stones behind him.

Tenryuji temple sign.

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