Saturday, April 25, 2009 ;
10:13 PM
Spring is finally here?

It is still cold, but I finally see some signs...

Here are the pics, since I documented spring in Utah also, I have to do so for Tianjin.

1. More sand. In the shoes, pockets, clothes and hair. On the kids when they come home from school. Because nice weather means the teachers let the kids out into the playground longer, so they accumulate more sand.

This is ds2, btw. He even had sand in his arm pits!!

2. The evergreen bushes were green throughout winter, but those were the old leaves. Now the new young lighter green leaves are all sprouting! Lovely. Can you spot them?

3. Blossoms. Tianjin has cherry blossoms too, but peach and plum blossoms are far more common. This one looks a little like apple flowers to me, but I have no idea and I asked around, no one knows either.

Different kinds of flowers everywhere. It just lifts my spirits. I just love spring so much!

4. A lot more people out rollerblading, flying kites in big open spaces and parks.

5. Cabbies used to sit in their cabs to wait in the queue in winter. It was too freezing cold.
Now they all come out to chat, smoke their cigarettes and play chess!
It is their most favourite game. And I watched them many times already, cos the school bus drops the kids off at the same place, so while i am waiting for ds2, I watch them.

Because they play many times each day, they play at lightning speed. A joy to watch, no need to wait for people to think for a long time. And they are good, some of them really really good.

ds1 likes to watch them too. Until they start to smoke as they play, I let him watch. If they start smoking, we go home. :-)

On the way home, both ds will stop at this section we call the "waves". They love to run and jump. Some weeks ago, ds2 did not like jumping off the waves like ds1 did. He is a lot more cautious and timid in such aspects. That day, he did. From then on, he is like ds1 now, racing and jumping. Maybe it is the spring weather that infects everyone!

rainbows every day, do not worry for the morrow

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