Monday, April 13, 2009 ;
6:27 PM
After the train ride, we took strolled through a dense bamboo grove called the Sagano Bamboo Trail.

Then ds1 said he needed the restroom urgently. We happened to be outside the Tenryuji Temple and so Dh decided to go in with ds1. He paid the admission of 500yen and went in. Kids who haven't started elementary school enter free.

ds2 and I initially decided to wait outside. But 15min passed, then 30min, and then 45min...

We had no cell phone usage, there were no public phones... so I could only continue waiting.

In the meantime, how did we entertain ourselves. ds2 did climbing...

He ran around and inspected the signs. This is the north entrance of the temple, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Then he walked up and down the cobblestone path, surrounded by bamboo.

And we found a lot of tombs.

He played in the cemetery for a while.

It was a very pretty and tranquil one. I wouldn't mind being buried here. :-) With birds chirping and bamboo leaves swaying..

Then I saw 3 women, 2 of whom are in their traditional costumes. They were admiring the bamboo for a long time. And I admired them because I noticed some more mature ladies would still often don their tradtional garb to go to temples and cultural sites. I think it is good they still practise this, because the younger generation no longer like to wear the traditional clothes for outings. I just think they look so graceful when they walk and move in the costumes.

Then we admired the bamboo together.

Showed ds2 the segmented bamboo vessels with the plates intersecting in regular intervals.

I got tired of walking around and just wanted to sit. So I sat on a bamboo barrier while ds2 played around it. I found this part really funny, because he would sing into the bamboo at one end then run to the other to reply. And he did it repeatedly.

And notice how people can park their bicycles here without locking them?

rainbows every day, do not worry for the morrow

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