Thursday, April 9, 2009 ;
4:26 PM
1 Apr
Wed morning

Woke up really early. Was up before 6am, took a peek outside, visited the toilet then lay down again beside ds2. Lazed there till more of the kids were up. Giu was so funny, she was on the upper bunk, and she kept peeking down at me and I would make funny faces at her.

After a hearty breakfast of German breads, French cheeses (big variety), hams, lovely fruit, milk and Milo, we all went out for a walk.

I fell in love with Japan, right at that moment. I mean, I had always liked Japanese food, appreciated their culture and admired their fashion and traditional costumes... But it was this walk in the park that made me feel I could really live in this place forever. haha.

And perhaps it was the magical combination of the light fragrance of cherry blossoms, the cool morning breeze, the warm but not hot sun rays, the merry twittering of the birds, the laughter of the kids, and the polite greetings of the neighbours? But later on, Dh said the same thing to me! He asked me, "shall we move here?"

The park was just a min walk away from her house. There were lots of such signs around warning us of snakes but we didn't see any. Even the signs are so cute. haha.

It was a small park, but so fun for the kids because it was a valley and so there were steep slopes all around. They ran down and climbed up repeatedly.

A lot of ladies were coming out to this section beside the park to dump bags, and I took a closer look. Nagoya is strict with their rubbish. It has to be sorted into paper, plastic, metal, glass and then combustibles and non-combustibles. This area seemed to be a collection of plant material.

I confirmed it with Y. She said different days are for different type of refuse collection, and that day was for plant/ garden refuse. They'll make it into mulch/ compost. I was impressed.

Although it may take up a lot of space at home (as I witnessed in her house, there were so many different bins for the different trash), I think it is very responsible and very environment friendly. I am inspired to do more now. I would feel good knowing that even though I have no use for something, it will still be recycled into something else that has a use. I feel bad to generate too much waste.

While I took pictures, explored the park and watched the kids, Y and Dh had a very good discussion. There were benches all around but both of them felt it was too lovely to waste time sitting down. :-)

That's little Val's shoe and the nuts and seeds that had fallen onto the ground the previous winter/ fall?

Whoosh! How the kids enjoyed themselves, riding with the wind as they dashed high speed from the top to the bottom. I think they secretly wish to stumble over the roots and fall, then they can roll the entire length instead, haha.

I think ds1 was protecting them from the traffic on the road. haha. But there were very few cars. The road was safe for them to run in the middle of. Nice...

Very precious video clip of them having some imaginative play together.

2 funny parts:

1. ds1 was repeatedly "bullied". He was hit by ds2 from the back at first, then received a few more from Mic. He handled these pretty well. Not like sometimes, he will punch the fellow back and then a huge fight will commence.

2. At the end of the clip, when little Val had laboriously climbed all the steps up to join them because she saw they were having lots of fun rowing and laughing....

Just as she was toddling as fast as her plump legs will take her, and just about to reach them, they stopped!! Awww...

rainbows every day, do not worry for the morrow

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