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11 Apr

Cathay Future Park and playground

Sent ds1 for marimba first. Saw the egg sculptures done on the stage, representing a whole city of skyscrapers. Exhibited in conjunction with Easter.

During his class, Dh, me and ds2 spent our time at Mighty Deli. It's terrible, we seem to be eating a lot of cakes or bread at Mighty Deli each Sat now. The breads are really good (no wonder the Germans and French make their way here specially to buy bread) but it's going to really make me pile on the pounds, all carboh!!

ds2 took his nap. He's very good at sleeping anywhere, and in any kind of position.

Then we went to pick ds1 up and proceeded to Cathay Future's Park. This time, I found out that since we are members, we need not pay admission! I paid for 2 tickets the previous time, for nothing. I am too obedient a rule-follower.

Some shots of the various play areas in the park. A maze here.

Standard playground set. Both ds spend about 10-15 min on average at each area.

Spider web. Small and dirty, but they still spent quite a lot of time climbing here.

The web above is suspended between 2 legs of this giant red spider.

Then another larger spider web in another section of the park. But it was not well-maintained. The metal wires in the center of the rope were all exposed, the rope being too frayed. And some metal joints looked like they were going to drop off. I don't like the thick metal bars around the web too.

I think if you have a huge web, then there should not be metal bars. At least if a kid falls, they fall right onto the sand below, with many ropes breaking their fall. But with the metal bars, I worry my kids will bang their heads hard on the bars when they fall.

So after ds1 climbed to the top once and back down, I told them to move on.

That's the structure in full view.

I felt this section was more fun, more challenging and the planks can be used in various ways. For eg, for ds2, whose legs were too short to hop from plank to plank, he just sat on one and used it as a swing. He enjoyed himself as much as his brother, who was swinging like a monkey up and down the tiered planks.

When it was time, we wiped off their copious perspiration and went for their art class.

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