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17 Apr

School assembly

What perfect timing! I was informed that ds2 would be receiving his award cert this particular Friday, and my parents happened to be here. So I brought them along to tour the school as well as show some support to ds2.

I saw ds1 first, when I arrived. His good friend, G is whispering something to him. He is having a huge wide smile plastered across his small face cos he spied his beloved mom. Awwww, I wonder how many years this will last?

My kids saying their best friend is me, and constantly telling me I am the best mom in the world blah blah blah... And ds2 is at the stage when he will say he wants to marry me and his brother when he grows up. haha.

He was very crestfallen when ds1 told him he can't marry him because both of them are boys. I can't be bothered to explain. There is just so much to explain. Let him want to marry me until he is old enough to have other distractions then!

As I've mentioned before in earlier posts, a class will be in charge of each assembly and this week the Grade 2s are performing. There were many items being put up including skits, songs, dances, recitals on the piano... But I've only chosen a few to upload here. There were a few who played the piano really well too.

This group of 4 Korean girls sang and danced. Not very clear in the video, but Dh was able to tell it was a Korean song the moment he saw the girls' dancing. haha.

This clip shows ds2 receiving his award and cert! Dh and I often joked about what cert ds2 will receive. We know ds1 is very vocal and likes to showcase his talents a lot so his teachers will have no problem finding out his strengths and awarding him certs. And they did, very early on in the year, 2 of them in fact.

We were wondering and wondering what ds2 will get. Dh says maybe for having "nice eyes". *roll eyes*

Well, in the end, he got one for "always bringing interesting resources from home to support classroom investigations"! haha... that sounds like it is more of his parents' efforts.. but to give him credit, there were things he mentioned out of his own initiative that

This last video is of the Grade 2s singing a song about dumplings disappearing. Quite entertaining. The girl kneeling in front, roughly in the center, in a pink dress is also Singaporean. (xizzy, if you are reading this, she is your RGS junior's youngest sis)

ds2's on-and-off best friend, Is, got his award that day as well!

Cannot resist taking a pic of the beautiful flowers in the Nursery's playground.

I brought my parents to take a look in both ds' classrooms as well. Both their teachers were very friendly and totally welcomed my parents into the classrooms.

My parents were just in time to catch ds1 playing with and teasing a girl in his class. It looked like he was bullying her, so my mom wanted to stop him, but he said the girl laughed, which means she liked it!!! I hope he knows how to read expressions and signals correctly. We don't know cos we didn't see her face, but hopefully he is right!

My parents leaving the school compound. I went ahead first to ask the guard to help call a cab as the place is very ulu (farflung/ in the boondocks). It was windy and the wind was blowing a whole lot of dust and dirt up and around my parents. Really not good for health, this environment.

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