Wednesday, April 29, 2009 ;
11:19 AM
14 Apr
Progress of Spring

More flowers in bloom... blossoms are fuller and larger. More pics in and around the estate.

Neighbour's purple inflorescences.

Pink blossoms - I have asked everyone around here. No one knows what flowers they are. I've been checking on the internet too... Are there just so many different types of cherries such that these are all cherry blossoms?

I've only been able to eliminate. They are not plum, not apple.. Saw a bee in the midst of pollinating a blossom...

One of the days when ds2 just got off the bus. He was almost asleep...

Some reds and whites across the water feature.

On another day when ds2 was running along with me to meet with ds1 halfway (he walks home from the school bus stop now, but I try to meet him halfway just to make sure he crosses the road safely, and also cos my mom keeps nagging me that I should beware of kidnappers on the loose).

ds2 staring at yellow flowers in the originally bare bushes.

Surveying more flowers. Because of our daily walks at around the same time (due to kids' dismissal time), we always bump into the same few people along the way. The cleaning ladies, the security guards on duty at those few junctions at that time, the hairdressers in the salon, the bank staff in the bank, the police officer in the bank, and even the cabbies at the roadside.

Because they also work shifts around the same time, we always meet the same few. And we always say hi, without fail, and try to smile. Some of them are friendly, so we've gotten past the hellos and will exchange some niceties now. Mostly, about the weather, and they always ask whether I've eaten, even if it is a weird timing, like 4pm.

Since I've run out of different things, I've become like them! I also always ask the guard, "Have you eaten?". On the 2nd day that he told me he hasn't, at 12.30pm, I cannot stand it any longer and went ahead to ask, "So how long are you on duty here?"

He said, "6am to 1pm". I said, "here?" (when what I almost wanted to say was, "huh? you mean standing here at this road junction for so long, just directing traffic?").
He said, "yes, here".

Ok, so I've resolved to ask him different things each day. Hopefully his duty will be less routine and mundane.

So far, I've asked if he was local (no), where he's from (Henan), and we've talked about this dog a neighbour has that is very beautiful. haha. And he's asked about the boys and talked with them several times.

Within the estate there are very friendly and nice people. Neighbours like H, N are so lovely too. I guess I love Tianjin because of the people.

rainbows every day, do not worry for the morrow

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