Saturday, March 7, 2009 ;
1:43 PM
Last night I was on the email with ds1's teachers when they suggested we meet up for a chat at McD's near my house. They say they usually like to take a morning jog around the area and then stop for a coffee at McDs, so I can join them at 930 with the boys.

Since Dh was still away on his business trip, and the boys woke up at 6.30am this morning (their circadian rhythm is especially irritating when I want to sleep in), I decided to go ahead and do that. We had our breakfast of the left over potato cheese muffins I made yesterday with milk, then the kids played from 7am to 9am.

Then we walked to McDs. It was quite a walk for the kids, but they ran most of the way, creating a race amongst themselves. I had no chance but to run along since I don't want them crossing roads themselves (too many bicycles to look out for). See how they force me to walk up super early and run with a heavy bag too? And they had already forced me to bring 2 books - 1 each, in the bag - for them to read at McDs while I order food.

When we reached, the teachers were not there yet, so I sat the kids down upstairs, gave them their books and went to order. It was good they had the books because the order took quite some time.

By the time we got the food (just 2 corn cups and hash browns, an OJ and a milk tea for me), the teachers arrived. They really had just coffee.

We had a great time chatting and the teachers talked to the kids a lot too. The kids were exceptionally conversational too, telling the teachers about dinosaurs and other embarrassing things! Like ds2 told them he defaecated this morning, which was true, but was it necessary telling others this fact?!?!

Good thing they were not business associates but kindy teachers so they just laughed, and they are very used to such talk.

They were very good at managing the kids too, haha. It's good to dine with teachers. Like when my bag dropped on the floor and things spilled out, they told ds1 to stop talking and help mommy pick up the things. Then both boys obediently picked up all my things. haha.

After the chat, I took a pic of the happy gang and we all left together. We headed the same way home actually.

But, we didn't take more than a few steps when I had to tell the teachers to go ahead. What had been a 10min walk before became a 30min one now. Now, because they were full and happy, they wanted to climb every structure and examine everything along the path.

See, they did this to every little cement mound. And there were soooo many lining the new mall! Argh.

After a good 20min along the mall strip, hugging every pillar, they decided to race again along the boring stretch of pavement. I was left straggling behind again. See how far a gap they've left. They also ran across all the construction roads, making me anxious at every single fork, worrying they'll get hit by some vehicle. After taking this pic hastily, I ran as well. Huff and puff.

Once we neared the estate, there were more pillars. So again they started the pillar climbing and hugging. They'll walk along all the raised concrete barriers and jump down at the end. Common childhood pleasures. I know I liked to do that a lot as a child too. That doesn't change with time.

It was a great morning, and it tired them out sufficiently. It was so easy to make them take a nap just now. A short story, and both fell asleep, which is why I have time to blog now.

And later when they wake up, I'll bring them for art class. Dh says he might make it back from Beijing to meet us there at the center, then we can have dinner together! Yay, we all miss him a lot.

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