Thursday, March 5, 2009 ;
10:34 AM
When the kids come back from school, they always seem to be ravenous. They must be playing so much and so hard that they forget they are hungry. They often need to use the toilet in a hurry too.

So many times ds1 run all the way home from the bus, leaving me trailing behind, trying to keep up, just cos he needed to "go" very urgently.

Both boys have breakfast at 7am in the morning, snacktime in school at 10.30am (always finish up their food because boxes are empty when they return home). ds2 returns home at 12.15pm. ds1 has lunch at 12pm, returns home at 3.10pm.

So I always make sure I have some food on hand to quell their hunger.

That's a thick thick slice of butter, garlic and sugar toast (from Paris Baguette). Equivalent to 4 slices of Gardenia bread? ds2 saw it on the table when he was back, and was at once determined to devour it all. If I needed to save anything for ds1, I had to keep it aside, out of his view.

I found his sitting posture, and eating manners hilarious. Not a good way of sitting and eating of course. Just amusing, so I took some pics.

His mouth can't even fully bite the whole piece across, and he had to nibble on the sides first. But yes, he usually finishes everything.

On another day, ayi taught and prepared this simple Korean snack. I think she is running out of new ideas to teach me already and is now just making simple snacks that kids like.

So she took my leftover rice, and stir fried it lightly with carrot, potato and some onion. Added some sesame oil and then tear up Korean seaweed and squeeze them into shapes using my cookie cutters. ds1 and I liked them better than ds2 did. He didn't like the onions inside, the picky little fellow!

The kids found the coloured geometric shapes I bought in USA. It was cheap, came in a huge packet and was meant for teachers to show how primary colours mixed to give secondary colours. But the kids use them to make different insects, beehive and some military weapon, as shown in the pic here. They had a lot of fun, which allowed me to deem this a worthwhile purchase, when before this, I had wondered if I'll ever get to use it much.

Now ds1 plays with only the yellow pieces, which he says are gold that he had mined. And he is suddenly crazy about gold mining, asking me all kinds of Qs. I told him next time we can go visit a real gold mine (like in Ballarat, Australia or in USA) and he was so excited. Are there any in China? That would be nearer... Let me know if you know!

Yesterday he told me he played goldmining in school with his new friend, Gd. He said after lunch, they put on their jackets, gloves, beanies and all then went to the playground and dug in the sand. Whenever they found any stones or shells, they'd shout that they struck gold. They also used weapons to guard their gold from enemies.

This Gd just joined the school. He's American Chinese. From another intl school in Beijing, I think, and moved here recently.

Last month, a new French girl joined the school and ds1 said he played Uno with her because she couldn't speak English at all and no one else was playing with her.

I told him I am happy that he is befriending all these new classmates and making them more at home.

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