Sunday, March 22, 2009 ;
10:41 PM
20 Mar

ds2 was supposed to bring his little gifts and a cake to school on this day for his birthday. However, he started with sore throat and runny nose then ended with a persistent cough that wouldn't let up the whole week. (Didn't go to school from Mon to Fri).

And then at night we were supposed to have our neighbours over for dinner. So I packed the dishes over instead, since I had bought all the veggies and stuff for the dinner.

Just for memory's sake (in case ds2 asks me how he celebrated his 4th birthday in future, haha):

French bean/ shitake mushroom/ peppers stir fry:
A Devil's Cake within, Nutella frosting and fondant decor for the neighbours. We did one for Sunday and for our own home celebration too.

The kids did most of the decor themselves with help from me if the fondant became too dry or cracked. They made a Ben 10 (doesn't resemble of course), an ice cream cone, some snakes, flowers, tiered cake, balls for their friends. And oh, a hand gun at the side too, despite my protests.

Chicken fillet.

Chap chae. Ayi helped me to buy the black fungus. I read up on what to eat for this Spring jieqi, and the articles all said, must detoxify. Ayi says black fungus is for detoxification, so I added more.

And a big pot of Ottogi seaweed with minced pork and shredded potato soup (which I forgot to take a pic). Again, the seaweed (that particular species) was added in abundance because it supposedly worked like danggui and improved blood circulation greatly, which aided detoxification.

I also fried a small amount of ikan bilis and made my favourite ikan bilis sauce (my mom's nonya recipe) for them.

And then the kids went wild with the leftover fondant. They made an Ultraman, and some pizza stuff that was layered sky-high and was multi-coloured.

We had our own mini-celebration for ds2 since he won't be having any in school. Our cake was undecorated, cos we did another bigger cake for the church friends on Sunday. Notice when ds2 was blowing the candles, ds1 had a similar expression on his face? Like when didi is blowing, he will automatically have that reaction too? So funny. Moral support?

Then they stuffed themselves with the cake and ate their pizza fondant together with it! Sugar overdose!

What you get when you have hyperglycaemia. haha.

When we were singing the song: (daddy was singing very loudly, I think, so ds2's gaze was riveted on daddy's big mouth, haha)

A HUGE bag of Korean snacks and tidbits from ayi! Don't ask me what the names are, cos everything on the packaging is in Korean and the ingredients and all as well.

From the taste of the contents, one pkt was Sweet potato chips, another was Banana chips, then rice balls with peanuts, honey stars with marshmallows and corn puffs (yes, all mixed), onion rings and other veggie crisps. He was over the moon, of course.

And our neighbour came over to give him his gift. While I passed them the food. :-)

He was grinning from ear to ear, and this was his only wrapped present! So he was overjoyed to rip the wrapping off.

It was sketch pads with markers, and they at once set to drawing loads and loads of stuff, going through so many pages that I was a little alarmed they might use up the whole book at once. There are 4 books in all, which is great!

One of the 1st few things they drew, animals, of course!

No prize for guessing which one ds1 did. An ankylosaurus (Euoplocephalus, to be specific), which ranks as his most favourite dino now. He says he doesn't like the T. Rex anymore.

And ds2 drew a parrot. He actually attempted to label it. And he guessed correctly a few letters, not bad! He had "p", "t", "A" and "r". Missing vowels, typical of the initial stage of writing development.

I am glad they have started giving their drawings some colour. Perhaps the art classes are working?

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