Wednesday, March 11, 2009 ;
9:35 PM
Addendum to the Chinese wedding:

I just recalled a part of the wedding that shows how pampered and fortunate the wives here are. At least the younger generation maybe?

The MC asked the groom how will he shower his love on his new bride. This is their exchange:

MC: 每天早上谁先起床?(who will wake up first each morning?)
Groom: 我 (me)
MC: 为什么? (why?)
Groom: 准备早点 (prepare breakfast)
MC: 晚上谁先下班? (who will return home from work first?)
Groom: 我 (me)
MC: 为什么? (why?)
Groom: 赶回家做晚饭 (rush home to cook dinner)
MC: 还有呢? (anything else?)
Groom: 家务,卫生,我全都负责。(I'll take care of all the household chores)
Pausing a while, then:
(She will not need to lift her finger to do any work. I will ensure she will enjoy a blissful, contented life, never shedding a tear of sadness, never having to toil or experience hardship. I will love her through eternity.)

WOW... everyone applauded him. And I heard people saying "应该的,应该的" (that should be the way). Hmmm.... I wonder if it is true for all couples here?

I know of this Singaporean man who is with a local girl. H told me about him. After he got together with her, she quit her job (mind you they are not married yet nor do they have kids). They have an apartment, and she employs an ayi who does all the housework for her.
She doesn't have to cook because when he is done at work, they dine out at nice places before going home to their love nest.

I asked H, what does she do in the day then? Oooh, manicure, pedicure, massage, spa and shopping lor!

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