Monday, March 30, 2009 ;
12:15 PM
Fun with boxes again:

We have gotten rid of half of the empty boxes, thanks to the garang guni man (aka 收废品先生here), but I had cleared some more boxes. After giving some to H, I still had 2 more that are pretty dilapidated in condition.

Then we found the box that held all the paints and art supplies from US, so I let ds2 do painting in the day. Because he is still kept at home with me. Now it has become more like, the reason for not going to school is "There aren't many more days left to Spring break, so might as well not go".

The good thing is, the height is perfect for him, and every time he finishes one side, we just flip the box over to the next side and he can continue.

He paints anything he fancies, which turns out very messy. Ugh.

Then on another day, after the paint has dried on all surfaces, we decided to make box animals. I asked the kids what would they like to make and they each picked a favourite. ds1 chose Orca (killer whale) and ds2 chose the grizzly bear. YEs, they had to pick fierce-looking animals.

What fun would a docile animal be, to them? They just love the jagged sharp teeth. Dh helped with the penknife. They cut the ears and fins themselves. The rest of the cutting cannot be done by scissors, so only adults should handle the pen knife.

They kept fighting with each other after that, even though I told them in real life, these 2 animals won't ever meet. They said their play is fictional. Ok, fine, so I asked them why can't they play around friendly themes, like the animals having a tea party?

Needless to say, all my suggestions fell on deaf ears...

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