Monday, March 30, 2009 ;
12:02 PM
New dish ayi demonstrated this past week:

Fish cake slices stir-fried with peppers and carrot. The fish cake is sliced into triangular shapes, interesting.

Ayi says she is reaching the end of her repertoire of Korean-inspired cuisine. If I like, we could move on to 东北 cuisine. If not, she can just recap our favourite dishes one by one each subsequent week.

I was open to learning more dishes. But at night when I told Dh about it, he said, no, he doesn't like 北方菜。He's the picky one now.

We'll see if there are anymore new dishes in future!

And my neighbour, H, made us some 卤鸡卤蛋. Yum yum!

Taxi wedding procession
Then we had the privilege to observe a wedding, which had booked many taxicabs, and decorated them. They drove in a row, making a spectacular sight. How many, perhaps 12 at least? Lost count.

ds2 has his multiple lip abrasions/ lacerations sustained from many falls, at different times. I had to get him to drink extra water because his lips would dry out and the skin would crack and peel (due to the wounds inside the mouth, circulation to the outer lip is poor).

He would conveniently forget all my reminders, so I remembered our funky straws and took them out again. Indeed, something novel once in a while always gets his attention.

He first asked for milk, then juice and then water. 3 cups of fluids in a row. That's a bit extreme too. So he visited the toilet more often, and I also made him pee before his afternoon nap, but guess wat? He still wet the bed and his pants in his sleep that afternoon, because apparently he topped up his cup many more times with water before that.

He loves watching the fluid move up the loops.

Then as if washing all the bedlinen and extra clothes is not enough work, ds1 came home with his boots full of sand. Far more than what his shoes normally contained.

I showed him the mountain of sand under the bush nearest our door, which is where I pour the sand from both boys' shoes away each day.

He shrieked with laughter.

I also pointed out that particular bush to them.

Since Aug last year, they had brought heaps of sand home each day, even in pants pockets and in their hair. I always dump the sand in the same place.

Now that bush is different from all the other bushes (of the same height and species). Since the plants are all in a row, it is obvious that it was the sand affecting the bush.

The leaves are not as green, and it looks more dehydrated.

Maybe I should get a dedicated huge plastic tray, and dump the sand in there always, then I'll get a free sand pit at the end of the year. Fun!

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