Sunday, March 22, 2009 ;
9:54 PM
ds2 has been sick this week.

The heating has been cut off. Tianjin cuts off all heating in all homes on the 15th of March. Don't get me started on why they do so.

And the temperature outside changes everyday. One moment it can be warm, like 20deg, then the next day 8-9 deg again, and I mean highest temp.

So it's colder in the home than outside now, at least when the sun is out. The dust is billowing outside, so I keep ds2 at home. He coughs extra frequently when we do go out, and other moms have been telling me their kids are coughing too. One of them had her son in school and the school called her to bring him home cos he was coughing too much.

I didn't want that to happen because for me to travel to school is too inconvenient (I don't have a driver, and there is no bus that goes there, and I don't want to take cabs too much!). So I just kept him home.

Yet, I have a lot of work to do, especially in the morning. I have to prepare a lot more convalescent cuisine too, so I left him to his own devices the whole morning. Yet, we had banished the TV, so he had to play with his brother's magic cards.

However, he doesn't know how to play with it yet, so he made up his own rules and played with those "friends" who will definitely lose to him, his pegasus and bear in this instance. He was quietly playing most mornings, so I was still able to get some work done before he became wild in the afternoon.

ds2 still wakes at 6+am in the morning though, his internal circadian rhythm is too strong. So each morning, he wails and whines that he wants to go to school together with his brother! And the brother takes every opportunity to gloat!

Can't stand it, their petty squabbles. So must document how much they torture me each day, let them read it in future:

He goes "na na ni boo boo, you cannot go to school", while jumping up and down, like doing star jumps?? With his school bag and snacks all packed inside.

And oh, they both love PE and he had PE that day, so he rubbed it in, singing "I haaavvve PE, you have no PE" (in the same "na na ni boo boo" tune).

So irritating, so I don't blame ds2 when the fellow went to him and gave him a few punches, and I pretended not to hear when ds1 complained to me "didi punched me!".

These things, they better settle it themselves...

rainbows every day, do not worry for the morrow

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