Monday, March 30, 2009 ;
10:05 AM
25 Mar

ds1 came home from school saying that he wanted to do a project at home. He showed me the instruction sheet, with a diagram he drew.

It was simple enough, using trapped air in a balloon to shoot it along a string.

He did it by himself, said he knows exactly what to do cos the teachers demonstrated it in school already and they told every kid to try it at home.

A video clip of the balloon darting past me so quickly that I couldn't catch the motion properly on camera. I laughed.

And then I burst out laughing so hard that I hard to stop this clip below at once also.

Why? Ds1 decided to try 2 balloons, to see if it would go even faster.
I said, good, it was a good extension. Let's find out. He blew up the balloon and pegged it together with the 1st balloon but then forgot to tape the 2 balloons together. So guess what happened? It was hilarious, especially when he was so excited about the outcome at the start, asking me "ready? 2 balloons!!!!"...

Sorry, I can't always be encouraging all of the time. Sometimes a mom is allowed to just laugh and laugh like a hyena, doesn't matter.

rainbows every day, do not worry for the morrow

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