Friday, February 6, 2009 ;
5:34 PM
Birthday cake and presents

I baked a rich chocolate chip cake, split it up into 3 sections, and tiered them into 3 levels. To make the layers stay together, I used Nutella (a hazelnut spread) liberally to frost the whole cake.

After that, I crushed about 5 Oreo cookies (remove the cream filling) till they resembled soil particles and sprinkled them all over the cake. I was supposed to make it look like an anthill but it looked like a decomposing litter? Anyway, I can get away with ugly cakes cos it's a Jungle theme. Thanks to ds1 for choosing that.

Then I soaked and washed a few of ds1's favourite plastic ants and spiders and beetles and placed them around the cake.

I almost forgot the candles! Sent Dh out to buy it the evening before the party. That's the problem cos even though I always bake their bday cakes, in Singapore, there usually is an abundance of those free candles that come with store-bought cakes. Here, I haven't bought any cake yet, so I didn't have any candles on hand.

We sang the bday song, ds1 made a wish and blew out the candles.

Then we tucked into the cake. A lot of them said it was really good! I personally think it's the Nutella that helped, cos it gave the cake a nutty flavour that was very unique.

Some of the presents.

A family pic. By the way, Dh did the face painting for ds, in case you were wondering. He applied his NS-learnt skills. Seems like National Service has another benefit - helps men be better fathers cos they can help out more in parties. haha. If you find it ugly, then even better that you know it was Dh who did it. :-)

ds1 playing with his presents after the party. The other moms had asked me what he liked, and when I said Lego, almost everyone gave him Lego. Only Sof gave a winter jacket.

A H&M winter jacket for ds1. Sof's dad is Swedish, and he deals in winter apparel for kids. It figures then, H&M is a Swedish brand, and a very good one at that. It certainly feels solid and very very warm. ds1 is still small for it, perhaps I can keep it for next year's ski holiday (hoping and dreaming about it).

Gab's gift. He couldn't come for the party.

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