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31st Jan

ds1's Jungle Party

I've split the posts up into games and craft. This post is about the games.

The 1st game - Animal Charades

Since there were few kids, each kid just took turns to go up to Dh and get a card. The card shows an animal which the kid has to act out and make the animal sound, but cannot say any other word.

We had a few rounds, initially easy like dog, elephant, then harder, like rhino and giraffe (not much sound to make).
This shows the kids sitting together playing charades.

That's S, who will be returning to Australia for his new school term (cos he starts Primary 1 in Feb) this week, so it was good that ds1 had this chance to play with him just before he leaves.

2nd game - Flashlight Creepies Hunt
S getting ready for the Flashlight Hunt. We gave them flashlights and they can hunt for snakes, centipedes, scorpions, spiders, frogs and caterpillars in the dark corner of our house with all the boxes arranged in a maze.

The kids love this area. After the bday cake, they still came back to this area to play. They pretended it was a castle with a dragon and had a lot of fun. I bought all rubber snakes and plastic creepies from Spore, and Dahutong.

3rd game - Lion Hunt
Then they played Lion Hunt where the kids have to gear up with their self-made binos (act as explorers), and magnifying glasses and pails which I handed out to them and follow ds1 around the house, hunting for the lion.

The music "We're going on a Lion Hunt", "Lion in Winter" and "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" were played. As well as an mp3 file of Lions roaring.

ds1 really brought them around the kitchen, living room, climbing up the sofa, bending low etc.

Hunting for the lion past the forest canopy.

The clip shows the last part of the hunt when they finally found the lion hiding in the lower bunk of the bunk bed.

Dh was the lion! He wore a lion mask we bought from Spore. 3D one, quite realistic and scary. Sof loved the mask so much she asked for it and we let her have it. Too bad I didn't catch Dh on cam. He was "bashed" and "killed" by the kids. And now we don't have the mask anymore, cannot ask him to reenact. ha.

4th game - pinata
Then it was pinata time. I made the pinata using newspapers, mahjong paper, some cardboard from cereal boxes, and the outer bag was a paper bag we got from Yellowstone National Park when we bought something there. It suited the theme very well. Same colour scheme, brown, yellow with leaves and so on. I only needed to paste the label "Expedition Supplies" on it.

Dh helped to string it securely to the ceiling lampholder. He also made a nice beater out of the vacuum cleaner attachment. ha.

The kids in a queue for the pinata, even all the little ones.

ds1's turn to whack.

ooh! the pinata finally had a hole!

And finally the loot is out!
Scramble! That's when moms and dads come and help too, haha. Both my kids are extremely bad at this! They both ended up with very little again, especially ds2. Even the 1 yr old girl did better than him.

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