Friday, February 6, 2009 ;
1:49 PM
30 Jan

Party preparation fever began seriously only after ds1 went to sleep. Cos I wanted him to have a surprise when he woke up in the morning. He doesn't take naps, so his bedtime is early. It so happened that day, ds2 had a long and late nap, so he stayed up together with me.

Initially he was a good assistant, fetching things for me and helping me cut some papers and tear tape. But after a while, he got in the way big time, so I asked him to play by himself. After a long while without noise from him, I got suspicious. I went to look for him and saw him having serious fun acting as Buzz Lightyear. BUT! He wasted my precious double-sided tape, and I was not happy at all.

He wrapped it all around his body several times, around his arms and on his hands. And was not at all remorseful when I caught him.

The square glass table had an ugly design that does not match the Jungle theme, so I wrapped it up. I would have liked to paint it green, gold and yellow too, but there wasn't enough time. I stuck labels like "Jungle Juice", "Live worms", "Beetle Wings", "Snake Eggs" cos I intend for that to be the snack table.

(food names idea taken from this Family Fun website)

Beetles wings are the Lays chips, Snake eggs are the M&Ms (I bought green and white ones only), and I bought the snake and worm gummies from Spore. I thought up own names for the pretzels, marshmallows and prawn crackers. These are the finger snacks.

For other cooked finger food, there is the "Live Worms" which is the curly hot dogs, and chocolate pudding with snakes in them (called "snakes in dinosaur poo poo"). The Dino Poop was the fav among the kids, not the taste but the name! They kept laughing non stop, and even corrected me indignantly when I later forgot and referred to it as Choc Pudding!

The Flashlight Hunt Game area where I had already pre-hid all the centipedes, snakes, frogs, scorpions and spiders was strung up and had a sign that says "Exhibit temporarily closed".

Dh kindly contributed all his breath for all the 39 balloons (13 for each colour: light green, green and gold). I strung them up and we hung the army mosquito net (that's supposed to be jungle foliage) up to the ceiling light. I pinned little leaves and caterpillars on the net. Then I strung up vines and creepers around the house, doorways, etc.

I think I slept at 4am. But it was so fun and so worth it.

I remember my mom making a fairy sugarplum tree for one of my birthday parties. It was so memorable. I hope to create a little magic and some memories for my kids for each of their birthdays too.

When they're very young, like when ds1 was 1 yr old, there was no point in creating such things, so we didn't have a party, just a cake with the family and one in his cradle roll class in church. Same goes for ds2.

Only when they grow older and appreciate such things and really enjoy them, then I started thinking of more ways to create a treasure trove of memories.

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