Tuesday, February 17, 2009 ;
7:43 PM
Some of the art work I saw at the kids' school when I was there on Friday.

Collage by Nursery kids.

Investigation on homes (the Unit of Instruction this term):

The field trip for this Homes UOI was amusing. The kids went on a trip to visit about 4-5 of their classmates' homes and the last stop were the 2 teachers' homes.

The teachers gave us a circular saying that the objectives of the field trip was to observe and compare different homes. Eg, big vs small, house vs apartment, various cultures and different materials used to construct the home and decorate the interior.

I find it interesting of course, and would have gone if it were open to us parents, since it wasn't our messy home they were visiting. It was mostly the mansions of his European friends'. So of course I would love to go and have a look at how beautiful the palaces are.

But, everyone knows that it's just a "for-fun" trip. The first thing ds1 said when he came home on Wed (11 Feb) when I asked him "How was your field trip?" was "Awesome! I had a strawberry popsicle!"

Yes, I could tell, there were still red marks around his lips. And I asked, "What else was interesting to you?"
ds1: "You know, it was so fun! We played Wii at E's house and then again at N's house! Then at Mi's house, we played Nintendo DS!"

Me: "wow! That sounds fun! So did you notice any differences between all the homes?"

ds1: (thoughtful for a long while) Err. I think Mrs M's house is small, all the other friends' houses are very big. 4 storeys. Very beautiful.

And that's all he can remember. haha.

They had hotdogs and juice while watching Cartoon Network at the teachers' apartments while at the rest they just snacked a little and played most of the time.

I was fine with that, but Dh was incredulous. He said, "You mean I pay so much for him to watch TV, eat junk food and play Wii?!?" haha

The V Day gifts ds1 got from school:

How did I spend Valentine's myself?

Dh had to fly off on a business trip on Sunday morning, so Sat night was spent getting last min stuff ready. Thus we decided to eat at home. I just made something different from normal, which was a simple lasagna. Doesn't even look celebratory, I know (see below).

My V Day gift from Dh. A wooden bangle! It's absolutely beautiful! I love it!

He's the sneaky one. We were talking about what we would like for V Day earlier in the week. We decided we won't go out to eat. And when we were talking about gifts, we both agreed we had no need for anything new now. I asked him if he was sure he didn't want some new electronic gadget since for the past years he had always asked for something along those lines (either birthday, wedding anniversary or V Day). He said yes, very sure.

So we both didn't buy anything, or so I thought he didn't. On Sat, he said he had to work the whole day again, which was not unusual since he sometimes had to do extra stuff. He went out very early (before 5am) and came back at dinner time. He did have work to do, but he used the early part of the day to make the bangle!

He told me what wood he used, but I forgot, argh. Will ask him again. I think the grain of the wood is pretty. It's a little too big though, but it's ok! I will soon have a set of wooden jewellery I think.

He made a wooden ring and a wooden jewellery box in the past years (in Utah, after he started learning bowmaking).

I will ask for a necklace for my birthday then, since wooden pieces are in vogue now. :-)

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