Thursday, February 26, 2009 ;
10:13 AM
21 Feb

Dh came back from Beijing just in time. He was back at 6.10pm and I left at 6.20pm.

I had a Ladies' Night out! Yay!

Y was leaving for good, and she got together a few of her friends so that we can have a nice dinner together for the last time.

I helped others to take pics, and remembered taking many pics using different cameras, but I wonder why my own cam had only 3 pics. Anyway, fortunately they came out clear enough.

The restaurant Y picked was a very popular one, saw many foreigners as I entered. Then I realised why. They served good food, provided good service (very rare here), and had good wine. I don't drink but the ladies had bottle after bottle of various kinds of alcohol, from beer to champagne to wine.

I enjoyed the food a lot because it was so international in cuisine. Y didn't know it, but she ordered a few of my very favourite dishes! There was satay with peanut sauce, a milky lemongrass soup (Thai), kangkong (!!!)... I noticed those dishes that are Sporean (eg satay and kangkong) were decorated with orchids (specifically the Vanda Ms Joaquim) so I was very impressed.

I didn't have time to share with everyone our national flower and other historical facts but I was very sure I would intro this place to Dh and H and other Sporeans/ Malaysians since the food was very like home. Makes me feel really good.

Here's pic, just the 2 of us. N brought us all there in her car so we were all seated together.

Ayi saw the pic cos I printed it out to frame it as a farewell gift to her. Ayi said I looked much fatter than in person. Argh! But no choice, this is the only pic I had.

One side of the table. The VIP room did not have any space for everyone to get into 1 pic, so we took half of the table first. Fortunately Y booked this room early, so we had privacy and there was no smoke from outside. It was very smoky outside indeed.

This photo shows German, Japanese, Taiwanese American, French and Singaporean moms. All of us have kids at the same school. And the coconut drink? That was ordered by the French mom. The Sprite soda can? The German moms mixed it with their wines. I ordered Thai Milk tea. Don't laugh ok, I have always loved Thai Milk tea. It is so fragrant.

The other half. Mostly German moms and mostly here cos of Airbus. Airbus is still sending more and more people here because we just received another new wave of students in school.

I befriended another new French mom at our estate and her hubby was sent by Airbus too. She is taking Chinese lessons now so we could converse pretty well. A lot of other French moms don't speak much English or Chinese, so we just say hi and nod our heads.

Apparently Tianjin is the only final assembly plant for this fleet of planes outside of Europe. And they are filling many orders each month, so more workers are needed. But in a few years' time, they plan to train up enough local Chinese engineers to fill the positions now occupied by all the expats, then the expats can slowly pack up and return home.

Sounds like very good news for the intl school here. At least for 5 years. ha.

We were chatting and eating from 7pm till 11.30pm! I didn't receive any call or sms from Dh so everything must be fine at home.

When we left, several of the German moms were headed to another place to drink and dance. They have a lot of energy!

Oh yes, they smoke pretty much too. Once in a while they will leave the VIP room to go outside to smoke.

I was happy they did that, that they respected us that some of us may not be comfortable with the smoke inside the small room. See, that is courtesy and manners. So I did have an enjoyable evening, unlike when I have to accompany Dh to his business functions and I will be almost choking the whole time.

Furthermore when we get home, I still have to dry clean all our wool Zara jackets/ coats. Cos the smell wouldn't go off for days.

There was a teary moment though. At one point, Y used her clanged her fork on her glass and we all quietened down. She began telling us how great our friendship was, and how much it means to her. How she will miss us so much when she returns.

Then everyone toasted, said various well-wishes to her.

She gave out very pretty stationery with her Japan address and contacts on it to each of us. So sweet.

We also had very interesting discussions on various topics throughout the meal, from cosmetic surgery, to dieting plans, to kids, to hubbies, travel... Politics in the school... They also compared the teachers. Cos most of our kids are around the same age and in 2 different classes. Most of them felt the teacher teaching ds1 is not so good. Hmmm, I refrained from commenting because ds1 is happy in class and happy with her. So I'm fine.

Then guess what? In the next VIP room was the school board, the school directors and principals and some teachers and their spouses! The secondary school principal was having his bday celebrated there.

It seems it is rare to find a good restaurant here that satisfies most nationalities so whenever I go out to dine, we always meet people from the school as well!

All the moms who were criticizing one school staff member (not a teacher) were like, oh no, were we too loud just now? Could they hear?

By the time we got home, it was midnight, and I arrived home to see all the 3 males fast asleep already.

I should do this more often, even back in Singapore, with my Spore friends too. It is therapeutic and refreshing to be away from the kids and have my own identity for a while.

rainbows every day, do not worry for the morrow

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