Tuesday, February 3, 2009 ;
10:56 AM
23 Jan

After sorting and unpacking some boxes, we were tired out and it was too late to cook dinner. Dh decided a celebration was in order, so we had some takeaways from the restaurant in our area. Yum!

25 Jan
CNY eve

After our own worship service in the morning, Dh and I both descended upon the kitchen together. It's definitely crowded for 2!

But we managed to whip up a Reunion Lunch for our family. 团圆饭
He did the prawns and crabs, cos I find them really stinky when they were thawed. The crabs are the famous 大闸蟹 (crab that is hairy on the legs), which costs S$100 per crab? Dh said that, I have no idea. His business partner gave us the crabs and prawns. Expensive prawns too.

Then there was the abalone (New Moon one, brought from Singapore) with Chinese cabbage and mushrooms, chicken wings, and jiaozi.

For dinner, which the people here call 年夜饭, we were invited to Z's house. So we bought an assortment of fruits - golden kiwi, cherries, strawberries, grapes, apples, tangerines- and a red basket. I added a box of Ferrero Rocher (from Singapore) and did a fruit basket. Basket shown in pic is not wrapped yet! (in case you think that's my final product)

A church friend (local) told us people here liked to give milk as CNY gifts. We really received some, also from one of Dh's business partners. And some 八宝粥 (8 treasures porridge).

We also received Starbucks Coffee powder from a younger couple (church friends) and 德州鸡 (Shandong specialty chicken) from an older couple.

Interesting and good for us to learn, in case next year we are still here, we will learn to give some of these things which they like. In the past, we always give BBQ pork or pineapple tarts as CNY gifts, but the people here may not appreciate that so much.

Oops, this pic should have been at the top of this post. A portion of frozen jiaozi. We boil or steam some everyday for one meal, so that's a meal everyday that is settled already.

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