Thursday, February 5, 2009 ;
5:00 PM
We've got a lot of boxes in the house now, both empty and filled.

The kids have so much fun with the boxes, I thought I should document some of them.

And since I am packing up clothes that the kids have outgrown to send to a local orphanage, I should pack up most of their toys too, since boxes are enough to fill up all their playing time. In my opinion, this kind of play is more imaginative than their toy figurine play.

That's a robot friend ds1 made. They also doodle and write all over my boxes. ds2 pretends to be making an inventory list too, writing numbers on my boxes, and writing the contents, like "car" on the box.

ds1 also plays with this imaginary robot friend too. Eg, he'll play Uno with the robot, but of course, the robot never wins him.

I was pottering around, unpacking, when I saw my box moving around, so I decided to film them. When I "disturbed" them, they actually shrieked and said "oh, no". It was funny to me.

They can't see where they are going, so they get stuck sometimes.

ds2 likes to sit in the boxes and pretend it's his home or cave. When the boxes are upright, he sits in them as if they are a car or train carriage.

This short clip doesn't show it well though, cos he was distracted by his brother who asked him about a ball, and then I got distracted too, and stopped filming because ds1 bumped his head on the corner of a table. You can hear the "owwww" at the end. ha.

The boxes act as a soccer goal post too. When the boxes are upright, they use it as a basketball hoop. It is interesting when they leave one cardboard flap up, and that acts as the board of the basketball hoop so the ball can bounce off the board into the box/ hoop.

Here in the clip, they're playing soccer. I noticed how the older one often devises many rules to help himself win, while the younger one, who understands he is always at a disadvantage, will constantly flaunt the rules to increase his own chances of winning!

See how he keeps repositioning the ball with his hands (disallowed in soccer, no?)? That's why they often end up fighting. They play, fight, play, fight. I try to stand back and let them settle it most of the time, but sometimes, on bad days, I'll shout at them. It gets very grating on my ears, and very irritating when I am in the kitchen trying to cook, and they keep fighting and quarreling in the living room.

Sometimes I rush out and separate them and confiscate all that they are playing and make them stand or sit at different corners, then I go cook in peace.

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