Thursday, February 19, 2009 ;
8:58 PM
The Bear in school visited again.

So we baked cookies together with him. See him in the pic below, clutching the vanilla beans?

Then the boys and their beary friend had a lil picnic in the "redwood forest" as ds1 called it. It's actually the upper bunk of their bunk bed, and the climbing up seemed to them as climbing a tree. They made Bear hold the cookie! yikes, I was watching the crumbs stick to the bear and drop on the bed, but I held my tongue. They were having so much fun in their make-believe play. It would be cruel of me to interrupt them.

Then ds1 had to write and draw and paste pics into the journal on what he did and pass on to the next kid in school.

The pic below shows them on a typical school morning. They get their 15min a day DVD fix in the morning cos playing the cartoon's music loudly is a great way to make them open their eyes.

Despite sleeping between 7.30pm-9pm at night, and waking at 6.50am in the morning, and for ds2, another nap in the afternoon which can stretch up to 2.5hrs, they still can't wake up by themselves in the morning.

So I turn on the DVD, let the music run, and carry them out to the sofa. ds2 is the more serious DVD addict, so he normally opens his eyes first. ds1? He loves his sleep too much.

See, he's still in dreamland after 10min of the DVD playing.

Why the blanket? It's still really cold now, especially in the mornings and nights. Still below 0 deg C. Our apartment's living room is huge, so the heating isn't that efficient in the main living area.

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