Wednesday, February 4, 2009 ;
6:30 PM
Both ds speak with some kind of accent now. It is inevitable since the teachers and friends they interact with speak that way, more or less.

ds1 especially, picks up more of both the English and Chinese accents. English one has a more Aussie slant because his homeroom tr is an Australian. Chinese one is the Beijing accent. Even my ayi says he's speaking like a local, with whatever limited vocab he has.

My hubby's co-worker says ds1's Chinese pronunciation is more accurate than ours! Can you believe that? hmph!

Here's ds1 pretending to be his teacher. I caught him playing with his stuffed toys and he was asking them Qs then answering for them. Thought it was funny, but he wouldn't let me film the whole thing, only this one part.

Wonder if you can detect the "No-ooo"? At first, I found his "no" very odd, just different from the way me and Dh and most Sporeans say "No". Then I realised he is following his trs and friends, with a "u" sound at the end of it. Amusing to me.

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