Saturday, January 10, 2009 ;
11:42 AM
1st Jan 2009
Happy New Year!

Sakura at Science Center

The adults were still happily eating at the Japanese buffet restaurant. The kids had their fill already and were outside the restaurant, playing happily too. This green space was terrific. It was just outside the restaurant, accessible by a glass door and from our table, we could supervise the kids as the walls were all transparent glass.

They ran up and down the slope, played piggyback and a host of other games. YL carrying ds2 below. In fact, all the older cousins took turns carrying him. Was it some kind of relay race? Not sure, cos I was tucking into my chicken soup, fried fish, teppanyaki beef and grilled veggies.

Dh had arrived late (see another post for the reason) so he was still eating, but fil was full already and went out to organise this game. He'll point to a landmark (in this case a lamppost), cover the child's eyes and turn him/her around and around in different directions, then while still blindfolded, get them to point at where they think the landmark should be. Sometimes, the results are very funny for the onlookers. They all had fun.

ds1 went first.

Then the rest did. This one is YX. By this time, bil had emerged from the restaurant too.

He, however, was busy giving the kids free helicopter swing rides. Or, free fun fair/ pasar malam kiddy rides. ds1 is the one being swung around here. Bil never fails to get the kids squealing in delight. He can swing real fast. I don't have that kind of strength.

Then 2 kids simultaneously. Even more fun! ds2 and his cousin.

What a lovely gathering on New Year's Day.

rainbows every day, do not worry for the morrow

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