Friday, January 9, 2009 ;
9:53 PM
We took photos on Mon, then realised none turned out perfectly (after all a lot of people are involved) and we didn't take enough shots. So mil suggested taking again on Wed afternoon.

(Thanks to my sister, who lent me not only her dress but her make-up kit too. I had brought nothing back from Tianjin, and I had all of my dresses packed into boxes before I left for Utah, and cannot, for the life of me, find them...)

On Wed afternoon, we had another photoshoot, this time at mil's house, and then had fish head curry dinner at Jurong's hawker center.

Here are a sampling. Looks like ds1 has become a little more cooperative in photo-taking. He actually smiled in some of them. Notice how ds2 looked glum in every single pic?

Yes, he still hates taking pictures. So I guess I have to wait a few more years before I can jump onto the bandwagon and follow all my other friends who take family portfolio photos. I have friends who have tried every single studio or photo-shoot company. I always look at their family pics and drool but know that my kids don't like photo-taking and so have not spent any money doing that yet.

Mil's garden, everyone:

The 4 pretty gals: (Mil has 4 grandsons, 4 granddaughters, nice total of 8). She is the envy of all her friends. The gals are all eating the agar-agar my sil made. Yummy. YX is the one in red Chinese garb. She has a very beautiful smile. Very cheerful girl. The other girls are Dh's bro's daughters. All very beautiful too, like their mom. Their mom, my 大嫂, was supposedly the 校花 (school beauty) of NTU engineering fac in her time. (Dh told me that)

At Dh's bro's house (i noticed he has a very nice white wall, good for photo taking):

Our family with mil, fil: (ds2 looks really bored)

Just Dh and me:

Just our family:

Grandparents and grandkids:

Just the grandkids (squeezed together):

ds2 got very attached to XN's teddy bear. So they used the bears in the photo too. Ds2 refused to let go of the bear. Without the bear, he wouldn't even sit for the photo taking. We also had to bribe him with ice cream, otherwise he wouldn't take pics.

I like the girls' hairbands, and shoes and dresses. Wish I have a girl to dress up like that too. :-)

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