Saturday, January 10, 2009 ;
10:17 AM
30 Dec
Tues night

Jurong Point family dinner - where to go? We are spoilt for choice. We have tried Din Tai Fung on Mon afternoon.

We saw Zhou Zhuang, and it was touted as the first authentic Chinese buffet or something. We went to the restaurant and was shocked to see the snaking long queue, despite being somewhat early for dinner.

Next to Zhou Zhuang was Dian Xiao Er. Very interesting decor. So we tried that. Yum, it's really good too! Next time, we will try the Zhou Zhuang.

Kids sitting at the stone sign out front.

Look at the beautiful walkway leading into the restaurant. I love the mural and the lanterns and the bamboo poles.

Inside the restaurant, we saw those traditional stalls and patrons can eat from there, so interesting. But cos we had a bigger group, they ushered us into something like a big VIP room at the back of the restaurant.

At first, when we were one of the few families in the room, I thought, how nice of them to let us have so much space at the corner, and have a private area. Ahh, later, I realised they usher all families with toddlers and babies and noisy kids in here. Probably a wise action on their part, since those couples can whisper their sweet nothings in the other sections of the restaurant without kids to disturb them.

The waiters/ waitresses all wore what Dian Xiao Ers (coffee shop assistants? how to translate this term?) wore in the past. I like it, looks so comfy and makes me feel like I was transported back in time (like what I watch on TV, I mean).

See their menu? Looks like those in the scholar novels or pulgistic manual also right? Interesting.

Little Eva would not keep still in her stroller or high chair, and kept wanting to stand. So stand she did. We "jailed" her in the corner. Nice to have our table just beside the walls. So we placed 2 chairs and confined her there. Win-win situation, since she was so happy standing and squatting and inspecting the chairs, while we ate in peace.

Earlier into the dinner when we were waiting for our order and not too many people were in the room yet, ds2 playing in front of the mural that I loved too.

After the dinner, grandparents took a pic with the boys. Again, you can tell who doesn't like to have a pic taken of him.

Lovely dinner. We tried all kinds of dishes, like their famous 10 herb duck, veal etc. Took the left overs back for Dh, since he was at dinner with his quartet and orchestra friends at Raffles City. hehe.

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