Saturday, January 10, 2009 ;
12:15 PM
31 Dec
Wed evening

Taman Jurong Food Center.
Dishes sampled (this list not exhaustive, can't remember all the food): fish head curry, nonya prawns, claypot tofu and mixed vegs, fried eggplant, claypot sea cucumber and seafood, oyster omelette...

You know how quickly the kids finish eating, yet the adults are still chatting and eating? Beside our tables was this coin-slot kiddy ride. Should be a familiar to all of you right? Always placed somewhere in food centers or along the neighborhood shops.

Even without any coins in it, the kids could play with it for a long long time. I lost track of time, but we were definitely there for more than 1 hour. They also displayed the very inherent Sporean trait of queueing. Always orderly, even from young. :-)

1st Jan
New Year's Day
Science Center

We were all supposed to explore the Science Center together, all the 8 cousins. But we all arrived at different times and from different parts of Spore. The center is so big, and we didn't bump into each other in the end.

Dh joined the Amazing (g)Race organised by the church youth at Sentosa on whole of Wed until he joined the family clan at dinner and photo-taking in the evening. Then after Bible class on Wed, he joined the church in counting down to the New Year. They played Risk (the new version), and games like "Don't Forget The Lyrics" and so on (very fun), until the wee hours of the morning.

I brought kids home at about 10.15pm to sleep. ds1 did sleep promptly but ds2, who had napped, managed to stay up till people all around the Jurong neighborhood were screaming and shouting and cheering at 12.00mn, so I rushed to the window of the flat and started cheering too. ds2 followed suit, and was screaming at the top of his lungs, "Happy New Year! WOO-HOO! Hurray!".

How can we not scream, since this is the only time (ok maybe CNY eve also) in the year when you can scream and scream at the top of your voice from your flat, and not get caught by the police for disrupting the peace in the neighborhood?

Anyway, Dh returned only at 6+am on New Year's Day (thanks Zhiyang, for sending him home), so by the time he slept, it was 7am. When I got kids ready to go to the science center at 9.30am, he mumbled in his sleep "You all go first."

So that's how we toured the science ctr alone, and that's why he came to Sakura late, at around 1pm.

At the Discovery section of the Science Ctr: ds1 and the funny mirrors.

ds2 and the 4 seasons images. And this very helpful staff member who followed us around and introduced a lot of the exhibits to both ds. She was so friendly! She also asked them many Qs and got them to think about the different exhibits.

ds1 playing with the Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches. A guy staff member was cleaning out and putting in more feed into all the animal exhibits, so he allowed both ds to hold and feel all the animals. That guy "helpfully" suggested to ds1 to "let your mommy try holding the cockroach. I am sure she would love to have a turn!"

I was like, "Oh, thank you, dear, but you can have a longer turn. Mommy's fine." While shooting a really meaningful glare at the guy (who was laughing). The cockroach didn't look really clean actually, since his arena was being cleaned out, and he hasn't yet been cleaned himself.

The chicks were fun. So fluffy and adorable.

They spent a lot of time at this exhibit too, taking the many marbles and rolling them down the straight and curved paths, trying to find out which would reach the end line faster. (Ans: the curved path, and no, I won't explain it). I told ds1 to read the explanation by himself. Truth is, I read it but can't understand what it meant. It's just the Science center sign that is not clear, ya? Not my brains.

ok, kidding, i think it's about gaining more momentum initially.

rainbows every day, do not worry for the morrow

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