Sunday, January 18, 2009 ;
8:04 PM
16 Jan

The kids were already dressed, having breakfast and ready to go to the bus stop when a phone call came in. It was 7.20am. The bus comes at 7.35am.

I thought the school wanted to ask me to subteach, as they had called in the mornings before.

No, it was the parent in front of me on the school's emergency phone tree!

She said school is cancelled today cos the school's heating system had some technical fault and could not work.

Surprised and still in a daze, I called the next parent and relayed the message. Then I broke the news to Dh and kids.

The kids did not react with joy or whatever, maybe they were still half asleep?

After that I got 2 more calls, from other moms who just wanted to double check and to confirm the message cos all of us did not expect it. One mom told me her sons had left for school already cos they lived further away from school.

So we brought the kids out. Dh took a morning off from work.

It was nice. We took a cab to Dahutong. Before going to Dahutong, we saw lots of people ice fishing in the river 海河 (Haihe).

We decided to have a walk on the river. This is the first fun thing I did here, I think, haha.

The kids were absolutely thrilled once they learnt that they're walking on the river and that if the ice melted or cracked, they might fall into the icy cold water. Our boys are not those to be scared off by such words. All the more they kept jumping and stomping on the ice. Dh, who is usually very cool in most situations, was shouting to them "enough! enough! Daddy is scared! Daddy doesn't want to fall into icy water!" haha. I wisely stayed far away them, enjoying the walk alone, with no fear of them endangering me.

Then Dh had enough and told me it's my turn to hold their hands. They seemed to think I am the softer one. Cos you can obviously see from the photos that with me, they are hopping and stamping even harder!

Scenery there. Bleak grey winterscape.

People fishing, sitting and waiting on the ice. A lot more watching from the river banks. Trying to catch some action, I guess.

rainbows every day, do not worry for the morrow

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