Tuesday, December 2, 2008 ;
2:56 PM
Ds1 came home with the class book. This one is on UN Day. It's really funny, which is why I am blogging about it.

So this is the cover with the kids in all their various costumes.

Then page by page, you see each kid writing their own name, selecting their own home country flag, pasting it down, and writing their country's name. Everyone will write their age and name first, followed by the country. ds1's entry is pictured below. (Incidentally, there are kids who choose the wrong flag. I saw one such case, and his mom told me he likes the flag of their country very much, but he's not from there actually! So cute.)

Here's the hilarious part. Then after the last kid's entry, the 2 teachers and TAs put in their pics and entries too. The teachers' are as follows:

Teacher 1: "I am old. I come from Australia"

Teacher 2: "I am not as old. I come from Australia too."

Dh and I were in stitches already.

Then the next page has the 2 TAs.

TA1: "I am young. I come from Tianjin."
TA2: "I am young too. I come from China."

Then finally another class pic of them during their Teddy Bear's Picnic.

So amusing.

By the way, now the kids' favorite song is the Teddy Bear's Picnic. If you want to hear how it goes, go to YouTube and type it in. There are so many good clips to choose from. I love it too.

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