Saturday, December 6, 2008 ;
8:59 PM
Bad days will pass, and the saying "tomorrow will be better" holds true.

Today was so much better.

ds2's fever subsided. He still has eyes as red as blood, and picks at his ear a lot, saying it is painful. He still doesn't want to eat the pork and carrot porridge I made for him, but he chose to eat milk and cheerios. He asked for seconds, and after that, had a piece of steamed cake. He got his energy from that, and became his old self again, singing, shouting and playing with his brother.

ds1 went through more behaviour modification strategies today. The verse he had to learn today was James 1:19 : Be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath.

Then during the time when he had to write or draw about what good things he should do, he wrote a story and another song. It's ridiculous again. And I will post it here, exactly as he wrote it, with spelling inventions and all. I added punctuation marks and paragraphs though, otherwise, you wouldn't understand it at all.

This song's sung to the "Blue Danube". In my opinion, the words don't fit very well, but when he sang the song, he stretched some syllables to fit the music. It's just the content that floored me. I didn't know how to comment after I heard it. Like, commend or point out that this kind of consequence doesn't seem realistic for most people??

Good things you must do, must do,
If not you will turn into,
A video game, and you,
Can't get out, but you,
Can have fun,
Inside the video game,
But you might get killed, get killed...

He seems to like being turned into something else very much, hor??

Then the story. It has nothing to do with what I told him to think about. I think tomorrow we'll stop this writing cos it has deviated from the main theme and is losing its purpose. :-)
Just for records.

A bee and a flea.

Ones apon a time, ther was two frns.
A bee and a flea.
The flea and the bee had a trick.
The bee was camofajing the flea.
The flea's trick was fly fastar then a horse.

Can you understand it? His teacher says she can understand all preschooler's writing cos she is used to their spelling. Also, the very abrupt endings. I always ask him, huh? That's all? Yes, he'd say. Ok.

As she showed me his portfolio of writing, I thought I should keep a record of their writing too, so we can see some kind of development over time. It does allow for some amusement sometimes too.

Ahh, finally the next week is looking up. Dh called from Shanghai today and said me and the kids can go to Shanghai this weekend with him. He needs to go again, and if the kids are fine, we can all go. They've never been there. Could be a good trip.

Thank you to all of you friends, family.. who sent me emails, tags.. they're really sweet, from so many miles away, and you manage to cheer me up.

rainbows every day, do not worry for the morrow

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