Friday, December 19, 2008 ;
6:54 PM
Funny story on white blood cells...

The kids had been pretty free now that it's the hols. It's freezing outside, and I am loathe to go out. The air is bad also, so we do a lot of indoor activities. And yes, I have occupy both of them from morn till night, for 10 days until we get to go back to Singapore next week. Also have to prepare 3 meals a day for them. Would like to eat out during weekends but it's too cold to go out now.

I've thus been assigning the kids work to do while I cook meals, if not, they run wild, climb up and down and get hurt. (I've since banned the TV, unless they watch documentaries or approved DVDs, and I limit their computer playing to 15min a day, because they fight too much. I blame the TV and computer when they fight, and use that as the reason for not letting them use the TV or computer.) Dh and I started the ban about 3 weeks to a month ago, when ds1 reported a lot of fighting in school too.

Both ds scribble and doodle a lot. I keep some of the doodles I like, and for the scribbling, I think I will just post the ones I like up here, then I need not keep them, else there'll be a huge pile with no storage space.

I'll post more of ds1's, simply because I understand more of his writing, and thus it is funnier. ds2 writes a lot too, and he'll tell the story to me, but a lot of his words do not contain any vowels at all (common starting devt stage of writing) so no point posting them here too frequently.

I like to post ds1's stuff verbatim, cos it's funny to see the various ways of invented spelling. And I don't correct him, so I can keep a record of how his devt goes, based on his own discovery of the correct spelling when we read books together. See how long it takes for him to discover the right way to write also. I think it'll be a fun journey.

His teacher did say ds1 is very willing to write and has a lot of ideas because he is not afraid to spell words wrongly, whereas she has many students from whom she "cannot squeeze any words out of" when there is writing in class because they want to get every word spelt correctly before they start to write. That's quoted from her.

To make it more fun, I'll post his version first, and you can try to decipher it, and check the actual version (he read to me) later in the post.

White blood cell

Once upon a time there was a white blood cell his name was monocyte he looks like this [he drew a drawing] he mate a frand cold lymphocyte and they becam bust frands. Then they desided to Go to a rustschrn and they at happylea avar the End

He wrote this story after he asked me how the body fights infections and I showed him the white blood cells. So the "monocyte" word was fresh in his memory (need to say this in case you think he knows such words normally). He is not a genius. He said his favorite white blood cells are the monocytes and lymphocytes because one engulfs bacteria and the other makes weapons (antibodies) to fight bacteria.

You know how much boys love fighting and weapons. So I had explained them in this manner, and I didn't know he will love them so much.

I just find the story so funny cos of the invented spellings taking on another meaning when they are in this story.

Also, he is still not using capital letters and punctuation consistently, sometimes yes, sometimes no. The letter "G" though, he always uses uppercase, even when in the middle of a sentence. Funny, huh?

Ok, the actual version.

White blood cell.

Once upon a time, there was a white blood cell. His name was Monocyte. He looks like this. He met a friend called Lymphocyte and they became best friends. Then they decided to go to a restaurant and they ate happily ever. The End.

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