Sunday, December 7, 2008 ;
9:39 PM
Missed another chance to sub-teach. The Elementary school head called just now for a science substitute teacher.

ds2 has developed a ear infection it seems. Ear infections are more common in boys than girls, and more common during winter than any other season. It also commonly develops after a cold. Kids 3 and under are most susceptible.

I read that description on several websites. How true.

After I thought ds2 is well, he now complains of a terrible earache. So I think I'll have to bring him to the doctor tomorrow. If ear infections are not treated in time, they could get really nasty. If there is no fever (according to the various websites), then we should just adopt a "watch and wait" approach since we don't want to over-use antibiotics.

But he does have a fever. From the cyclical nature of the fever (very high at night, subsiding in the day, and repeating itself over 5 days now), it could be viral. So antibiotics are not useful.

It's the possibility of him becoming hearing-impaired that made me decide to bring him to the experts tomorrow. H has kindly offered to drive us there, so grateful for that.

So hang on, I will post about my first local hospital visit soon. I have yet to try it out. I'll be acquainted with the system tomorrow!

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